Spice Up Birthday Invitations with Little Animation

They wiggle, they move, they bounce about! These invitations are enchantingly fun and silly. When planning your child’s next birthday party, or perhaps an end-of-the-season sport’s party, or just a fun summer picnic or get-together, consider one of these Wiggler invitations made by Paper So Pretty. All of these high-quality cards feature an image attached on a small spring that allows it to move animatedly around. The cards are colorful and well-designed, with plenty of room for printing the all the important party details. The moving shapes press down flat to make for easy mailing, and the flat part of the card can easily be put through a laser or inkjet printer. With a wide variety of wigglers, you are sure to find something to match your party and amuse your guests.

Castles and Clowns: Are you going to have a clown come and entertain at the next big birthday? Or perhaps you have really gone all out and have sprung for the rental of a big, bouncy castle for all of the kids to play in? If you have chosen one of these special options, show it off with a wiggly card featuring either a clown bursting forth from a Jack-in-the-box or a colorful castle bouncing about. Even if you don’t have a special clown theme and are not planning on having any inflatable castles, both of these cards in general also make great invitations for children’s birthday parties that might not have a particular theme. The bright, classic primary colors are attractive for any birthday celebration.

Wiggler Critters: These pleasant birthday invitations work well for the birthday party of any young animal lover. A bright blue invitation displays a colorful fish swimming just above the card in a party hat

Adventurers: These invitations are great announcements for the birthday party of any young adventurer, whether pirate, pilot, or bold firefighter. The springy movements of a Buccaneer ship sailing on the seas, an airplane soaring the skies, or the ladder on a bright red fire truck lend an extra air of whimsy and fun to these cards.

Sports: If your son or daughter loves to skateboard, then check out these cards featuring a little skater boy hovering above the invitation – he’s catching some great air. The baseball invitation is made of a bobble-headed baseball player. In addition to baseball-themed birthdays, these would also be perfect for announcing an end of the year party for your child’s baseball team.So spring forth and pick out an animated invitation to announce your kid’s next birthday party. Paper So Pretty produces great quality invitations that are easy to use. These cards are sure to stand out as special and unique, and will be enjoyed by all of the recipients, children and adults alike.

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