Creative Ideas for Kindergarten Graduation Announcements

Kindergarten Graduation Announcements

Kindergarten graduation is an important milestone in every child’s life, when they graduate from being toddlers and become “big kids.” Kindergarten graduation is widely celebrated and acknowledged as a stepping stone to future achievement.

Kindergarten Origins

The first kindergarten opened in 1837 and literally means children’s garden, or a place where young children go to be cultivated and nurtured so they can continue to grow in their education, developing strong roots to survive on their own. Children are typically taught how to interact with each other properly, how to be a good friend, how to respect authority, and given foundations for learning basic reading and math skills.

What to Include in Your Kindergarten Graduation Announcements

What is more adorable than watching your little kindergarten graduate walk down the classroom aisle in a miniature cap and gown? This occasion can be as big or little as you want, and sending graduation announcements to friends and family is always appropriate.

The announcements should, at a minimum, include your child’s name, the fact that she will be a kindergarten graduate, the name of the school, and the date of graduation. If you want to invite guests to the ceremony, specify this on the announcement, and mention whether there will be a gathering following the ceremony.

Photo Cards

Graduation photo cards serve a dual purpose in making adorable and personal graduation announcements, as well as fantastic keepsakes for anyone who receives one. Dressing your child in her cap and gown makes a great photo and is perfect for inclusion on a kindergarten graduation announcement. While incorporating your child’s photo, you can also choose a theme, such as a border of colorful balloons and streamers to signal celebration or colorful characters wearing a graduation cap.

ABC Theme

You could choose a theme that will resonate with all kindergartners: the ABCs. After all, a great part of the year is spent learning the alphabet and learning to recognize these letters in names and simple words. Your announcement could therefore feature blocks, each containing a letter of the alphabet, to create the border. Crayons and numbers could also be incorporated into the alphabet theme, as children spend time learning to count and develop motor skills by coloring inside the lines.

Using Graduation Symbols

Graduation AnnouncementsThere are several ways to incorporate graduation symbols into the graduation announcement. You could choose an graduation announcement that reads like a diploma, for example, “It’s official! Sarah Ellen Johnson successfully completes her kindergarten course of study at James Elementary School on the 20th day of May 2009.” Your graduation invitations could also feature images of caps and gowns or diplomas in the background as watermarks for a more formal look.

You could also choose an invitation that uses a combination of rolled diplomas, school books, caps and gowns, and yellow pencils as an eclectic border to signal a successful graduation from kindergarten. To lighten the tone, you might choose an invitation that begins with a short rhyme, such as:

Tiny tots, tiny toes,
They’re dressed up in
Tiny graduation clothes!

Whether you send announcements featuring your graduate’s smiling face surrounded by his ABCs and leading off with a fun rhyme, or just the announcement with a subtle background of small caps and gowns, your child will only continue to grow and blossom after kindergarten graduation.

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