Baseball Birthday Party Theme

Baseball BirthdayBaseball is America’s favorite pastime for good reason! Since the 1800s, baseball has been a spectator sport. Crowds go wild when they see their favorite teams pitch, catch, bat, and strike out other players. Chances are great that you’ve participated in one of two ways. You either play ball yourself or you love to watch the game on TV.

What could be better than going from spectator to sportsman in one afternoon? How about throwing an All-Star Event for your little slugger for less than the price of ballpark admission? Not sure where to begin? Read this guide for some great baseball-inspired birthday party ideas.

Drafting a Winning Team

A team’s success depends on the strength of its players. Therefore, you should design a roster accordingly. Consider the size of your “stadium” and the number of referees available to supervise the event before sending out birthday invitations. No one wants to be in charge of crowd control so keep the event small and personal.

Pick invitations that are fun and interactive, such as a die-cut invitation of a little boy baseball player dressed in his finest team’s apparel. Parents can write party information on the sporty tyke’s uniform, and boys and girls alike enjoy watching the player’s head move from side to side.

Encourage guests to wear their favorite team’s logo on a t-shirt or baseball cap by noting so on the invitation. Keep a few extra pieces of apparel on hand just in case a child “forgets” to wear their team’s colors.

Pre-Game Practice

The color scheme can be any two combinations of colors from any team in the Major League. Ask your child to choose from a list of team colors downloaded from the internet and then decorate accordingly. Alternate the colors when setting the party up. Use one color for cups and another color for plates. Twirl two different colors of streamers together and hang them from one end of the room to another.

Set up a long bench to serve as the dugout. Children can take turns posing for pictures with their friends by sitting in this area.
Real baseballs can be given as party favors. Black permanent markers can be used to autograph the balls, creating great party mementos.

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