Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Whether or not you have children, decorating Easter eggs is fun, creative, and nostalgic. Easter means that spring has sprung, winter is far behind, and summer is just over the horizon. This time of year is perfect for celebrating, enjoying life, and remembering what Easter is all about.

Easter Egg History

Did you know that the egg used to represent the entire universe for many different cultures? The Romans, Chinese, Egyptians, Persians, and Gauls all saw the egg as being an important symbol. While decorating Easter eggs may seem like a recent idea, this way of celebrating is actually an ancient tradition.

As far back as the ancient Egyptians, Easter eggs were decorated, passed around, and revered. Later, during Pagan times, the egg was seen as a symbol of rebirth. Many pagans believed that the egg was a powerful element that could shed lots of light upon the birth and death cycle.

While we may not attach the same significance to the Easter egg today, these eggs are still special in their own way. Not only do they represent the springtime, but the Easter egg also represents life. Decorating Easter eggs is a great tradition that brings with it a lot of fun ideas and thoughts.

Decorating Ideas

There are lots of ways to decorate Easter eggs. While food coloring dyes that come in decorating kits are always popular, thinking outside of the “egg” can provoke your creative ideas. For example, by employing glue, you can give your Easter eggs a sophisticated and unique appearance. Consider using glitter to create images, or even beans and rice to create intriguing patterns. You can even paint Wedgewood patterns on your eggs, which are both classy and incredibly creative.

You can also use special icing sugar to creating last designs that won’t fade with time. If you learn how to take the egg out of the shell itself, which often only entails pricking a small drainage hole at the bottom of the egg, you can keep these delicate memories tucked away for many years.

With creativity and non-traditional materials, you can create your own work of Easter egg art. When you are done with the decorating process, you can even give an egg or two to a deserving family member or friend. These little eggs will bring lots of inspiration and wonderment to all the receive them.

Why Not Throw An Egg Party?

If you want to take the tradition of decorating Easter eggs one step further, consider throwing a decorating party. You can gather together all of your friends, purchase lots of fun colors and items, and start making a large number of colorful eggs. This is also a great activity for your children and their friends.

Kick off your party by sending out invitations that celebrate the egg. Colorful cards decorated with numerous eggs will really get your party guests in the mood for decorating. After a long winter, nothing is quite as refreshing as the Easter holiday…and the traditional eggs that come with it.

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