Cowboy Cowgirl Birthday Party Theme

Cowboy InviteRustle up some cowpokes and head on down to the OK Corral for a wild adventure and a mug of frosty cold root beer at the saloon. Dust off your saddles and don your best cowboy hat as your ride off into the sunset after planning a western-themedcowboy or cowgirl birthday party for your little gunslinger.

You’ll be the Most Wanted Mom on the block as you host this adventure packed afternoon for your son or daughter’s big day. Follow the suggestion in this guide to keep yourself from being a damsel in distress. A little planning in advance can go a long way.

The Pony Express

The US Postal Service can take their time delivering mail, so it is best to send out invitations at least two weeks in advance. Make sure to affix the proper amount of postage on each before dropping your invitations in the mail. Heavier cardstock and odd shaped envelopes require more than one first class stamp.

Lasso up the perfect stationery by choosing an invitation that features a little cowboy wearing a hat, boots, and rodeo pants while holding a rope in his hand. Or, for the female gunslinger, choose a little cowgirl birthday invitation, complete with pink cowboy boots!

No Spur of the Moment Planning Here

Avoid all upsets by taking every precaution necessary to tame any wild horses that may come your way. A good host or hostess knows that planning ahead increases your chances of throwing a successful event.

Decorate your home with authentic Wild West memorabilia. Post pictures of cowboys, advertise your local watering hole, and even buy a real live cactus or two. This will help give the party an authentic atmosphere.

Purchase sturdy glass mugs with handles. Put them in the freezer an hour or two before the event to chill. Kids will love drinking out of “saloon” cups that feature root beer.

Wrap gifts in colorful bandanas to avoid waste and reduce the amount of cleaning up you will do later. Buy felted cowboy hats in bulk and hand one out to each child as they enter your home.

If you can find a saddle somewhere, use it as a centerpiece. Children can sit on top of it and have their picture taken.
Fire up the grill and make sure to buy plenty of hamburger meat and hotdogs.

The Chuck Wagon

Ring the bell and let children know that they will be eating lunch. Assist each child with filling up their plates with hotdogs, hamburgers, potato chips, potato salad, and deviled eggs.

Serve root beer floats in the chilled glasses. This will be a frosty treat that no child can resist.

Wrangling Your Youngins’

Get a few long pieces of rope and type a loop in them. Direct the children to the backyard where they can try their skills with a lasso. Award prizes to the children who make the most successful attempt with their rope. Get cowboy boot shaped erasers or stickers to give to all the guests who give wrangling a try.

From cowboy invitations to living the Wild West lifestyle for a day, your buckaroo will be all smiles at this quick draw event.

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