Brunch Theme Party

Any day is a great day to invite someone to brunch!


You can host a brunch in celebration of a specific event such as Mother’s Day or a birthday, or for no specific reason at all. Brunch is an easy way to entertain friends and family. There is little cost, time, or decorating involved in inviting guests for a brunch. It is also a party that can be prepared for 1-2 days ahead. Eating and conversing over the brunch provides the activity for the event. Brunch is traditionally served between 10-1, often on a Saturday or Sunday, unless the invited guests are retirement age or stay at home moms.


When deciding which invitations to purchase, bear in mind that being invited to a brunch invokes the aura of elegance in the guests mind. Be sure that your invitations match the moment. Formal white invitations with silver trim (matching the theme/décor of the brunch) are very nice. Other choices include those written in calligraphy, those with tissue inserts, and ones with roses on them.


Regardless of the purpose of the brunch, setting up an elegant brunch buffet will appeal to your invited guests. Consider using roses, candles, silver and fine china. The buffet table and dining room table are the two primary areas that you need to decorate. Set up can be done 1-2 days ahead of the party.

An elegant buffet table can be created with little effort. Use plain colored cloth to cover the table, or use flat white bed sheets. Create heights in the buffet table by turning various containers upside down (no one ever looks to see that it is a Tupperware container or box) and covering them with the cloth. Be sure that the containers are study and will hold the dishes of food with no concerns of tipping and spillage. Gather as many silver and crystal serving dishes as you can find (or imitation ones!) and place them on the graduated stands on the buffet table. Put a slip of paper in each one, indicating the intended menu item to be placed in it. (When considering foods for a brunch; choose items that are dainty and give the guest the feeling of being pampered in a gourmet restaurant, such as miniature quiches, chocolate dipped strawberries, and Eggs Benedict.

Well placed candelabras or pillar candles, as well as a couple of flower arrangements will complete your buffet table, which will be the focal point of your brunch. Plan to use china (even mismatched is elegant) and cloth napkins, if possible.

The dining room can be set up with one large table that will comfortably seat the invited guests or it can be set up with several card tables, seating 4 guests each. It is not appropriate to have the majority of guests at the dining room table and the overflow at the card table, as it makes some guests feel less important than others. Cut down the invitations, if need be. Keep the centerpieces very low, so as not to obstruct the view of the guests conversing with one another.

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