Clip-Arts for Graduation Invitations

Do you want to add some fun and uniqueness to your graduation invitation but you aren’t sure what may or may not be appropriate? If so, you aren’t alone. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of fun or original things that you can do; you simply need to infuse your own style into it and get creative. Anything that you can imagine can generally be created with clip art as well as caricature art. You can have fun and simply make something more personal when you use clip-art. There are thousands of resources for clip art, so if you find something that really suits you, don’t be afraid to use it.


If you want to do something funny on your invitation that will make people smile, you might want to think about some caricature art. You can find a cartoon that looks a lot like you, or as much like you as possible, place a graduation cap on it, and make that the front of your graduation invitation or announcement. This will make people smile and show those that receive the invites that you really put some time, thought, and creativity into the invite! You can carry the caricature art through the entire invite, placing small pieces of art on the inside of the stationary as well, just be sure that you don’t make it so busy that those that are invited don’t take note of the information. While invitations are traditionally very serious, you don’t have to go this route if that is not who you are.

Clip art can really make your graduation invitation stand out and be more than just a blank slate. Many women like to add clip art to make their invites more feminine. Some clip art like butterflies, flowers, horses or other animals, cheerleading gear, and other designs can dress up anything and make it feel more feminine. Males often like to add clip art as well, items such as sports equipment, perhaps the logo of the college they are going to, and other items make the invite more masculine. This clip art can be placed on the front of an invitation, or it can simply be placed inside of it, in the header area above the text, or even on the blank left hand side. This can add just a touch of color as well as personality to an otherwise very traditional invite.

As you can see, there are many different ways that you can use clip art and caricature art. You can use it as sparingly as you would like, or you can get as creative as you would like, whatever suits your personality and personal style best. Remember though, the intent of the invitation is to notify someone of your graduation and if things are too busy they will miss the information and simply be distracted by all that is going on with the clip and caricature art. Get as creative as you like, but remember that sometimes less is more with this sort of thing.

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