Circus Birthday Party Theme

Circus Theme PartyAll kids love the circus. So, what better theme for your child’s birthday party than a circus theme? Circus theme parties appeal equally to boys and girls and can be simple and fun to plan. Activities for a circus party can be as simple and inexpensive as you like, or you can plan to go all out. Here are some ideas:


Think back to days of big top tents and elephants. No one is ever too old to enjoy the fun of a circus. Hosting a party with a circus theme is a great way to invite friends over for an unforgettable afternoon. Invite people to bring pets for a pet parade. (remind them that they need to come in cages or on leashes)

Search for invitations that will cause your invited guests to immediately begin looking forward to the day.


For a small fee, you can rent a tent from a party supply store. This will be your party space. Inside, line the outer rim with chairs for people to watch the show. Use a helium tank to fill bunches of balloons to put around. For an authentic look, break apart a bale or two of hay and spread it across the ring. A thick rope or garden hose can be used to create a ring. Use stepladders, sawhorses, boards and other household items as props to be used for the show.


Consider hiring a clown for this party. If your child (or guest) is afraid of clowns, a balloon artist is a good choice, too. You can also offer face painting to your guests (you can learn to do this yourself). If you know someone who can juggle, have them come and teach the children.

You can also do simple activities like pin the nose on the clown, guess the number of jellybeans in the jar, or have a ring toss.

If you really want to throw a grand affair, and your child’s birthday happens to fall when the circus is in town, you can really make a splash. Rent a box at the arena where the circus is being held and throw your party during the circus. This is an expensive way to go, but it sure makes an impression. Since the kids will be watching the show, you needn’t plan any activities. You might even be able to arrange to have a clown visit your guests in the box before the show begins.

Invite guests who have brought a pet for the parade to come, one at a time and circle the ring with their pet. Have them stop in the center of the ring and tell about their pet.

Fill brown bags with peanuts. Put a ticket inside of the bags. Hand the bags out part way through the pet parade and have the invited guests open the bags and locate the ticket. Guests can bring the ticket to the center ring and will be given a door prize that has been pre-numbered with one of the ticket numbers.

Pre-arrange for clowns to be present. If you don’t want to pay for professionals, rent a variety of costumes and have willing adults dress up for the party! Have the clowns tell jokes, make balloon animals, shake hands, or hand out treats to the invited guests. Some may even have a skit to do.


Popcorn, cotton candy, and snow cones are all popular circus foods. Be sure to also have a variety of drinks available. For an authentic feel, have appointed adults circulate through the tent carrying trays of circus foods and drinks. If you’re serving lunch, consider hot dogs or pizza. Or, for younger children, you might make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cut them into animal shapes using cookie cutters. You’ve got a wide variety of cake options. Clown cupcakes are fun and easy. Or you could have a large cake in the shape of a clown, the big top, a carousel, or any circus animal your child favors.

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