Train Birthday Party Theme

Train InviteTrains were invented at the height of the last century to carry passengers and cargo quickly and safely from one destination to another. As economic growth prevailed so did the need for an efficient means of traveling and transporting goods. Passenger trains cut the cost and time necessary to travel to distant locations, which was a relief to weary travelers. However, with more people driving automobiles and airline industries offering intercontinental flights at low costs, the need to travel by train has declined.

Despite their lack of popularity as a means of transportation today, locomotives still hold interest of little boys around the country. With the release of the animated series, Thomas the Tank Engine, children became familiar with the stainless steel, lightening quick machines once again.

Why not let your little conductor take the gears at his own train-inspired rocking railroad birthday party? Encourage your child and all of his friends to get acquainted with the rail system for the very first time. Here’s how you can throw a successful event by boxcar!

Steam Powered Stationery

Set the tone of your locomotive party with fun train-inspired birthday invitations that will excite all the children attending the event. Why not choose a festive invitation that features a real-life wiggling train surrounded by cheerful balloons?

A sample message written in the inside of the card could read:
“All aboard! This train leaves the station at promptly (Time the Party Will Start) and will return at (Time the Party Will End). Join us as we travel to our destination which is (Your Child’s Name and Age) Birthday Party.”

Grand Central Station

A locomotive party is fun and easy to decorate in your home. Make or buy railroad crossing signs to use as decorations. Using cardboard pieces covered in yellow or red construction paper, you can easily use black markers to create “warning,” “stop,” and train track signs. Hang these on your front door, as well as in the main area, perhaps above the cake table.

Provide each child with their own engineer’s hat, bandana, or whistle as a party gift that they can take home with them. These costumes will really set the mood for a train party.

You can even make your own engine by using an oversized box and decorating it with colored construction paper. Allow the children to take turns standing in the box to have their picture taken.

Railroad-Worthy Refreshments

A simple sheet cake can be decorated to look like a railroad by using icing or licorice whips to form tracks on the cake. A toy train can be place on the tracks to give the cake a three dimensional feel. You can even use small plastic trees to truly create a model railway on the cake.

A train shaped cookie cutter can make decorating cookies a breeze. Add sprinkles, M&Ms and Lifesavers to make the freshly baked desserts stand out. Mini-Oreos make great wheels, while gumdrops are perfect headlights.

From the train inspired birthday party invitations to a locomotive cake, you’ll gain momentum the minute you start planning this truly inventive birthday party!

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