Space Birthday Party Theme

Space InviteIn 1969, Neil Armstrong made universal history by being the first man to ever set foot on the moon. The event was televised, which allowed every American to witness history in the making. Since then, a dozen astronauts from the United States have followed in Neil Armstrong’s footsteps, but the last mission was held over 30 years ago in 1972.

Launching a new mission is easier than you think! With a little bit of time and an abundance of imagination, parents can throw an “out of this world” birthday party for their kids. A space-inspired birthday party will be a blast to plan, and this theme will create an enjoyable atmosphere for children of all ages.

Use this guide to plan, create, and set the theme for your child’s big space day.

It’s Not Stationery if it Defies Gravity!

Blast into mailboxes with a cool invitation designed to impress your little astronaut and all of their friends. Surrounded by galaxies and planets galore, a rocket ship birthday party invitation makes a great souvenir for scrapbooks and keepsake chests.

Getting Your “Space” Ready For Visitors

A space party should be held outdoors to maximize the “fun space.” There will be a lot of activity, and it is easier to let the children run off their energy outside.

Reserve a “Moon Walk” from a party rental store at least three weeks in advance of the party. Secure a location in your backyard that is free from sticks and rocks to set up the inflatable trampoline.

Use Christmas lights to resemble stars and hang cutouts of all the planets from various places throughout the yard.

The colors black, navy blue and silver can help set the mood. Use fabrics, streamers, and balloons in these colors to create the universe in your backyard Miniature rocket ships can double as centerpieces and can be given away as prizes at the end of the party.

Wrap your child’s gifts in aluminum foil to give them the appearance of spaceship metal.

Cut a Styrofoam block into pieces and paint them different colors to use as decorations. You can call them moon rocks or shooting stars.

Planetary Perils over What to Serve

Stick with your theme without busting your budget. Serve space worthy treats like Moon Pies, Rocket Pops, and an astronaut’s favorite drink, Orange TANG.

Bake a round cake, cover it in cream cheese flavored frosting and embellish it with a few yellow M&Ms designed to look like craters.

Cut out a small pennant sized piece of construction paper and write “(Your child’s name) was here.” Attach it to a toothpick with a piece of scotch tape and stick it in the top of the cake. Voila! Sit back and admire your very own “Man on the Moon” creation.

Traveling to other galaxies can take up your afternoon, so be prepared to spend some time cleaning up after all the guests have left the party. Deflating the Moon Walk will most likely be your biggest task, but it will be worth the effort when you remember the smile on your child’s face as he or she bounced the day away.

From your space blast-off invitations to the bouncing Moon Walk, a space-themed birthday party will have the entire galaxy talking for months!

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