Construction Birthday Party Theme

Construction InvitesBeware! No Trespassing Allowed! Only those with an invitation can attend this extra special event. Fasten your tool belts, locate your hammers and dare to repair to your heart’s content at a construction-themed birthday party for your little handyman.

Dodge potholes and avoid roadblocks by planning the event weeks in advance. There will be no need to proceed with caution when you follow the tips in this guide.

A Successful Mixer…..

…starts with the right kind of birthday invitation. Try this red alert birthday invitation! Construction trucks, cement pourers, and safety cones sit amongst yellow CAUTION tape. It’s “safe” to say that this stationery will be a real hit with your child and all of his friends.
Write a message on the invitation that reads:
“Revamping the roadways is hard work. Just ask (Your Child’s Name) what he wants for his birthday and he’ll answer a day off. You, too, can declare it a day to celebrate by joining us at (The Location) from (Party Start Time) to (Party End Time).”

The Road to Success

Locate a dozen or more inexpensive plastic hardhats and give them to the children to wear at the start of the party. It is very important that they play along with the theme. Young children tend to be judgmental. If one child doesn’t want to wear a hat, chances are great that a friend of his will refuse to do so as well. Don’t push the issue. Only hand out hats to the boys and girls who really want to wear them.

Purchase yellow CAUTION tape and cordon off the area where refreshments will be served.
Cardboard cutouts of STOP, YIELD, and MEN AT WORK signs add to the atmosphere without costing a fortune. Post them throughout your home and in places where guests don’t expect to find them.
Plastic squeaky hammers can be bought in bulk and handed out as party favors.
Assemble three colored plates—one red, one yellow, and one green, in the middle of the table to put snacks on. It will resemble a traffic light and kids will rush to “pass go” and pick up a handful of sweet treats.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs

Download pictures off the internet of various road signs. Cut them out and glue them onto index cards or sturdy card stock. Have the children take turns guessing the meaning of each sign. The boy or girl who guesses the most answers correctly wins a prize. Pocket-sized screwdrivers, flashlights or measuring tape make great, useful gifts.

Digging In

Keep with the construction theme and serve brown bag lunches consisting of deli meat sandwiches, potato chips, and apples.
Chill root beer in glass bottles as a way to “wind down” after a hard day of backbreaking work.
Mix up a Dirt Cake by using vanilla pudding, crushed sandwich cookies and whipped topping. Put a toy bulldozer in the middle of the dessert and pile cookie crumbs around it to form mounds of dirt.
Hard work and perspiration never hurt anyone. With construction-themed birthday party invitations and plenty of signs, you can build memories and relationships by planning a constructive party today!

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