Celebrating Clambake Party

Clambakes are traditionally done at the coast, but that does not mean that you cannot host one in any location! If you love lobsters, clams and the ocean then why wait for a trip to the ocean?

Who to invite

Invite a few close friends who share your passion for the ocean and seafood! Be sure that you indicate on the invitation that it is a clambake, so that those with seafood allergies can make a decision about their attendance. They may enjoy the atmosphere and choose to come and have an alternative meal. Given that hosting a clambake can be expensive, keep your guest list small.


Look for seashore themed stationery. Any invitation with seashells, lighthouses or lobsters on them will be an appropriate invitation to your clambake.


Lobsters, clams, coleslaw, French fries, corn on the cob and yeast rolls are traditional foods of a clambake. Although lobsters can be expensive if you do not live near the coast, you can obtain fresh ones by ordering online. Most companies will ship overnight. Your local grocery store may also carry them, or be able to special order them for you.

You will need to purchase a lobster (1-2 pounds) for each guest, as well as about ½ pound of clams. You will also want 1-2 ears of corn for each guest. You will need about ¼ pound of real butter for each guest. A bottle of sea salt can be purchased at most grocery stores. The other menu items can be purchased and served in the same quantity as any other side dishes. A decadent ice cream or strawberry shortcake will complete the clambake menu. If you are unsure of how to cook the lobsters and clams, check a cookbook or online sites that will provide you with step by step instructions. You will need 2 large stockpots for cooking; 1 for the seafood and one for the corn.

Provide each guest with nutcrackers, authentic plastic lobster bibs, and a cloth napkin as well as sturdy paper plates that are commonly used when buying lobsters and clams on the wharf. You can also purchase paper placemats that will show guests how to properly crack and eat the lobster. If it is warm enough outside, you may want to hold the clambake on a deck or patio to give an authentic feel to the clambake, which is traditionally eaten outside.


It will take little effort to create a seaside décor in your dining room. Stationery and party supply shops offer a multitude of party decorations, including lobster shaped lights, seashells, beach sand statues of lighthouses and other festive products. You may choose to use driftwood, shells, and fish nets, candles and white twinkle lights that you have on hand, rather than spend additional monies on party decorations. Beach towels, sand chairs and beach toys placed around the room will give your invited guests a taste of summer. Background music of ocean waves or tabletop fountains will provide the sound of moving water that is familiar to those who love the rugged coastline.

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