Pool Birthday Party Theme

Pool PartyMake a splash by holding a pool party in honor of our son or daughter’s upcoming birthday. Invite all the kids in the neighborhood and watch them soak up the sun in the comfort and safety of your own backyard. Keep decorating costs minimal by using items that you already have on hand, along with combining new décor with natural scenery.

Children of all ages will enjoy spending an afternoon poolside while you relax knowing that clean-up at this event will be a breeze.

Summing Up Your Summertime Event

No party can be complete without the right kind of invitation. Strike up a conversation with splashing stationery suited for your special occasion.

Imagine the happy looks on your guests’ faces as they open an envelope containing a pool birthday invitation that features two kids wearing snorkels and swim masks.
Splashy comments like this one will eliminate any confusion parents might have concerning the party:
“Pack your sunscreen and put on your swim gear for this truly sensational event. We will be celebrating (Your Child’s Name and Age) Birthday by having a great time at the pool.”

Diving In

Before the big day, you can take steps to prepare for a pool birthday party that will be nothing but fun!

  • Make sure that the pool is clean and ready to use.
  • Recruit a few adults to help supervise the event. Put one in charge of the grill, one in charge of the pool area, and one in charge of clean up.
  • Purchase charcoal and lighter fluid and wash the grill thoroughly.
  • Inflate all pool toys and disinfect them with antibacterial wipes.
  • Keep a few extra beach towels on hand just in case a child forgets to bring theirs to your house. The towels can double as decorations until they are actually needed.
  • Dice up onions and make pickle relish for the hamburgers and hotdogs that you will serve later. Store the condiments in air tight containers in the refrigerator until they are ready to be used.
  • Hang balloons on your mailbox so that your guests can find your house easily.
  • Lather you and your child up with waterproof sunscreen to avoid the risk of skin cancer and painful sunburns. Keep extra sunscreen on hand so that other children can use the protection too.

The Concession Stand

Creating a “concession” stand along the pool will be a great hit at the party. Miniature boxes of candy, like Ju Ju Beads and Raisinets, can be served along with individual bags of buttered popcorn.
Grape, orange, and lemon lime soda can be purchased in bulk from a grocery store, and they are the perfect complement to the splashes of pool fun.
Grilled hamburgers and hotdogs will work wonders in feeding the hungry bunch.
An ice cream cake in your child’s favorite flavor will be a cool way to end a hot, sunny day.

A Cloudy Forecast

In the event that your outdoor party gets rained out, move the party indoors. Make sure that all children are clean and dry when they enter your home. Bring out a board game or beloved children’s movie to help soften the blow of dampened spirits.

A little bit of planning and a whole lot of warm weather will make your pool a place where everyone will want to hang out time and time again. From pool party invitations to floating toys, a birthday party by the pool is a great way to celebrate your child’s special day!

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