Karate Birthday Party Theme

Karate InvitationFight your way to legendary status by holding a unique karate birthday event for your child. Make your mark by combining cunning skills with century old techniques designed to impress even the toughest critics. A karate-inspired birthday party will be one event your guests won’t dare to miss. No matter what color of belt they possess, children will be the first to congratulate your champion on his or her big day. You, sensei, will be the master of event planning success after you host a trophy winning event like this one.

Knockout Invitations

The right kind of invitation can entice even the weariest partygoer. Choose stationery featuring boys in karate uniforms practicing their moves and write a punchy description of the event on the inside of the blank card.
“HI-YAH! Between breaking through bricks and dropkicking our instructor, we found the time to test your Martial Arts expertise. Do you have the skills needed to pass the test? Prove it to us by attending (Your Child’s Name)’s birthday party on (Date of Event) and (Time of the Event). Who knows, you may even teach us a thing or two!”

Successful Planning for the Karate Kid’s Big Match

Asian inspired influences can be used to decorate for this truly amazing event. Purchase Chinese lanterns in different sizes and colors and hang them around the room in the place of balloons.
Post pictures of Bruce Lee or Jet Li and use cardboard cut outs of dragons to give the room an authentic feel.
Purchase red and black napkins, plates, cups, and plastic cutlery.
Empty Chinese food cartons can be bought in bulk and used as centerpieces. Fill them full of candy and hand them out as party favors as well.
Use a piece of silk brocaded fabric to cover the refreshment table. It will be easy to launder just in case you have any spills.

Chinese Food

Keep bowls of fortune cookies for the children to snack on throughout the house.
Serve a drink with a “punch.” In a large punch bowl, mix:

  • 3 large cans of frozen Hawaiian Punch
  • 2 large cans frozen Orange Juice
  • 2 quarts Ginger Ale
  • 3 large cans of frozen Lemonade

Pay special attention to the instructions printed on the side of each frozen juice can.
Then add:

  • 1 quart Raspberry Sherbet
  • 2 quarts Ginger Ale

Spoon in the Sherbet until the container is empty. Slowly pour the Ginger Ale into the bowl until the drink becomes fizzy.
Serve it with fresh raspberries on the top!
Kick into high gear and bake a championship cake. Decorate it to look like a karate outfit by using white frosting. Use black fondant to shape a belt across the middle of the shirt. Draw a sun with red icing in the right hand corner of the cake. Take a picture before cutting into your work of art.

Battling bad guys will be all in a day’s hard work after hosting a dynamic party like this one. From the karate invitations to the special Martial Arts “punch,” your child will be the ultimate champion on his special day.

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