Decorating your Graduation Party


So, its graduation day and you’re all set to host a special theme party. Yes, theme parties are fun and a whole lot easier to decorate! Half the fun of hosting a graduation party is decorating the party. You can decorate your room, your lawn, you table, and even your guests! You can turn graduation caps upside down and fill them with balloons or flowers to make a unique centerpiece. From decorating the invitations to the announcements to the house to the party favors, you can decorate just about anything to make your graduation bash a lot cooler. So if you dare to be different, here are a couple of creative and fun ideas to make your graduation party a smashing success:

Hanging Graduation Banners are a great way to show that you are now a proud graduate. You can hang them indoor as well as outdoors. Since banners come in varieties of different styles and sized, you can have them personalized to add that special touch. What’s more, you can even get graduation banners with your photo on it. Another good option for decorating your graduation party is hanging balloons. Nothing works better at setting the party mood like balloons. Go for balloon bouquets and arches or even single balloons to lighten everyone’s mood. And as you already know, there are so many different colors of balloons. The most popular choice is to use your high schools colors. Make sure you order your balloons well in advance, especially if you are ordering in bulk.

Graduation party posters are now the current favorites when it comes to decorative items. You can blow up pictures of your school, or your friends and then just stick them all over the place. Photos can be turned into life-size, unique standees and can be placed at the door to greet your guests as they enter.

Guest books have been around for ages and are now a part of the graduation party traditions. You can buy yourself silver or gold guest books for your guests to record all their hopes and wishes for you. You can get guest books with nameplates on them that can be engraved with your name. Photo confetti is the latest form of decoration. Absolutely fantastic, this unique table décor will feature photographs of yourself mixed with colorful confetti. You can sprinkle this confetti all over the tables and dance floor.

You can add flair to all your tables by decorating them with beautiful centerpieces and other forms of decoration. Make your own centerpieces by using candles, pictures and mementos, balloons, and flowers. Or, you can opt for graduation themed table centerpieces. For your graduation party, whether you are having simple appetizers, a sit-down dinner, or even a buffet, some sort of decorative tableware is essential. You’ll require plates and spoons, utensils, cups, and napkins. You can either opt for plain tableware or anything in your high schools colors, and even printed napkins.

Another unique way of decorating your graduation party is to hang college jerseys, sweat shirts, pennants, and anything to do with your high school or college. Using these, as decorations will give your party decorations an interesting twist. Decorate the walls with crepe paper in the colors of your high school or college, or you can even go for your own color theme.

Lastly, don’t just stick to decorating the inside of your home. Decorate the outside too, like your verandah and your backyard. This makes a pleasant way to greet your guests. So, go ahead and have fun decorating your graduation party!

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