Superman Birthday Party Theme

Superman InvitesSuperheroes come in the unlikeliest of forms. Perhaps that is why people of all ages have grow to appreciate and even admire characters like Spiderman, Batman, Iron Man, Captain America, Wonder Woman, and Superman. Besides possessing super strength and amazing skills, their inherent quest to battle evil for the sake of mankind makes them incredibly irresistible.

Why not test your super powers by hosting a super hero and comic book birthday party for your son and all of his friends?

Firing up the Bat Signal

Don’t settle for anything less than extraordinary when searching for an announcement for your big event. The right kind of party invitation can make or break your party.

Give the kids something to look forward to by sending out hand selected, die-cut stationery featuring a little boy dressed as his favorite superhero. Let this invitation set the tone for a message such as:
“NEWSFLASH! We all possess superhuman powers. Put yours to the test by attending (Your Child’s Name)’s Fifth Birthday Party. Come disguised as your alter ego or dressed in costume for a gathering of truly super comic book characters!”

Scaling Walls and Other Death Defying Feats

Center the party on your child’s favorite comic book character and then plan accordingly. For example, if your little boy is a Superman fanatic, use the colors red, yellow, and blue to match his costume.

Purchase Superman themed party supplies from a specialty shop or one of the many retailers online. Print Superman’s logo on iron-on transfer paper and create a unique t-shirt for guests to take home with them. T-shirts in every color can be purchased inexpensively at craft supply stores.

Create a red cape for the costume by purchasing red stain fabric at the store as well. Use a sewing machine to bind the edges and apply a Velcro closure at the neckline for easy wardrobe changes.

Stacks of comic books make great conversation pieces as well as party favors. Save the Funny Pages from your Sunday papers and use them to wrap your child’s presents. Kids will love this special detail.

Serving Refreshments That Pack a Punch

Shazam! Kapow! Creating a crowd pleasing menu without a fight is easy if you have the right types of tools. Let your imagination be the guide as you pick and choose snacks that will give your guest a boost without depleting all your super powers.
Try serving Power Bars and Powerade. Explain to the children that these snacks will help them maintain their super human powers.
A cake pan depicting the Man of Steel can be purchased from a bakery supply store and decorated in a variety of ways.

From superhero invitations to heroic goody bags, you will create a one of a kind party experience that will have your child calling you Super Mom or Super Dad.

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