Green Graduation Party

Graduation is both a milestone and a major accomplishment. What better way to end your high school or university career than with a green-themed graduation party? You’ll likely end up hosting the most unique and memorable graduation party of anyone you know.

Going GreenA Green Graduation Party

There are several ways to integrate green into your theme, whether you want to have an eco-friendly graduation party, incorporate a school color, or just love the color green. First, you should consider your invitations. Graduation party invitations with  graduation caps and brightly colored matching envelopes are the perfect way to introduce your green party theme.

If preserving the environment is important to you, you were involved in an environmental club at school, or are just the resident recycler, consider having an eco-friendly graduation party. Your party could help guests graduate from talking about saving the environment to actually participating.

Remember that the first purpose is to celebrate your graduation, so avoid turning your green party into an environmental rally. There are subtle ways to carry out the green theme, such as using real dishes and glasses instead of paper products decorated with graduation caps if your party will be at your home. Hiring a caterer also eliminates having to cook and use your own dishes. You’ll be free to mingle with guests and won’t worry if a plate gets broken.

Green Graduation PartyAnother subtle yet eco-friendly party idea is to decorate several cardboard boxes in various shades of green and use these for recycling aluminum cans, glass bottles and empty soda liter bottles. One box could be labeled cans and be wrapped in lime green paper. A dark green box could designate glass bottles and a lime green with dark green stripes or polka dots could be for plastic. Now you’ve incorporated an important environmental habit into your party without cluttering the scene with ugly recycling containers.

Green Theme

If your school colors are green and white, or you just love the color, your party can simply incorporate your love of all things green. If your party will be casual, you could invite guests to wear their favorite shade of green. Or, perhaps you love to spend time outdoors and want to host your party picnic-style in a park. The green setting will provide the perfect backdrop for your green graduation party. You can spread lime green tablecloths on the picnic tables and serve a green salad with the meal. If it’s green frogs that appeal to you, hop into your next life adventure with a leaping frog theme, using lily pads on the tables beneath food platters or as coasters.

If you are having a more formal gathering, you can still incorporate a green theme. Your centerpieces can be simple using only green plants, like ferns. You can set the tables with dark green tablecloths and lighter green napkins to really tie in the theme.

Following these simple tips will be the perfect end to your graduation and the perfect beginning for the next phase of your life.

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