Western Barbeque Theme Party

There’s nothing quite like an old fashioned Western barbeque to put a fun twist on the predictable “cookout”. The Western flair opens up a whole new arena for menu, decorations, and beverages. And this is a party theme that’s great for the whole family, so it works well when your guest list includes families with children. Guests enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and hearty food that comes with a Western barbeque. Here are some ideas for planning a Western barbeque your guests will never forget.



Beef jerky with dipping sauce
Deviled eggs
Chips with spicy salsa

Main Dish

Barbeque pork or beef ribs (cooked on the grill, of course). Experiment with several barbecue sauces until you find two that you really like. I recommend one mild and one spicy.
Grilled vegetables
Potato salad
Baked beans
Corn bread


(served in tin cups)
Iced tea
Cowboy coffee


Fruit cobbler with ice cream (Apple is the most traditional, but you can use any fruit that you like, or just choose what’s in season.)

Get Your Guests Involved

Let your guests know your theme in advance. Tell them the dress code includes jeans, western shirts, prairie skirts, boots and cowboy hats. Then purchase some inexpensive straw cowboy hats and bandannas to dress up the guests, or provide an accessory to those who didn’t dress “in theme”. These items are available at many party stores and on party websites.

If you have one or more friends who play guitar, banjo or fiddle, enlist their help. Live music adds to the ambience.

Some favorite activities for this kind of party include pitching horseshoes, and a pie eating contest. If you’ve got the room and the funds, a mechanical bull is the perfect addition to the fun.

Play country music and learn a few dances in advance so that you can give lessons to your guests. They’ll love learning the Texas Two Step during the evening.


Decorating for a Western Party is simple and inexpensive. Hang lanterns in the trees for light and use gingham or bandanna fabric for tablecloths, napkins and other fabric needs. Use potted cacti for centerpieces.

For an extra special touch, dig a fire pit in your yard. At the end of the evening make s’mores and sing songs by a campfire. Prompt some guests ahead of time to be prepared to tell a ghost story or two.

Now, don’t these ideas make you want to plan a Western party right now? Just as long as the weather permits, any time of year is a good time for a Western party. Even if it gets a bit chilly at night it’s ok, because the campfire will provide a bit of warmth.

So plan your guest list and mosey on over to MyExpression.com. They have a wide variety of Western themed invitations perfect for this party. I particularly love their Western boot die cut invitation and the Western Welcome Invitation. Your guests will be talking about your down home hospitality for months!

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