NASCAR Birthday Party Theme

Race Card InviteDale Earnhardt Jr. has been sweeping the racing world by storm. One of the most respected drivers in the history of NASCAR, Earnhardt followed in his father’s footsteps to redefine race car driving for all of those who have come to love the sport.

Whether he is out on the track or at home with his family, Earnhardt exudes confidence. It is that winning attitude and passion for racing that makes him a great role model for boys and girls of all ages.

You can cross the finish line in style by planning a NASCAR-inspired race car birthday party for your son and all of his friends.

Announcing the Big Event

No loudspeaker is necessary when announcing this exciting birthday event. Send out NASCAR-inspired birthday invitations instead. Cool race cars stand out among a black and white checkered border on these perfect pieces of stationery. The excitement of the big day is captured with streamlined racing cars, and your child’s friends will certainly be fans of this extravaganza.

Ensuring Speedy Delivery of Invitations

Gather up a list of your guests’ names and addresses at least two weeks before the big day. Mail out the invitations all at once so that they all will arrive in time and give parents the chance to plan for the event. Do not have your child pass out invitations at school unless you plan on inviting his whole class to the party.

A Checkered Flag Event

Host this exciting birthday event in your backyard or at a local park. The children attending the party will be overly excited, and therefore, being outdoors will give them a chance to run off all their extra energy before having ice cream and cake.

Black and white should be the theme colors because they represent the checkered flags used in auto racing. They also match the border printed on the stationery you chose to use as invitations for the party.

In place of streamers, hang plastic pennants throughout the area to give the space a race track feel. Use black and white balloons held down on the table with Matchbox race cars, which also make great gifts for the children to take home with their goody bags.

Purchase NASCAR related cups, plates, and napkins from a party supply store and watch how impressed the kids will be when it comes time to serve refreshments.

Prize Winning Treats for Your Own Pit Crew

Add zip to your drinks by mixing one large can of Hawaiian Punch, with one quart of 7UP or Sprite, and one pint of pineapple flavored sherbet.

Bake a square cake and round the edges of it to give it the appearance of a race track. Cut an oval piece of the center of the cake to give the dessert more definition before decorating it. Mix black food coloring with white icing or use a package of fondant and paint the track to look like the ones that you see on TV. A few Matchbox cars will give the track an even more realistic appearance.

Your event may not be televised, but it will bring big smiles to your little boy and his friends as they talk about their plans of being real life race car drivers. From NASCAR inspired birthday invitations to the exciting track cake, this is one birthday party that your child will talk about for ages!

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