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The date is fixed, and the invitations and announcements have already been given out. So, the day has finally come for you students to cry and to cheer and to leave your school or college halls forever. Yes, graduation day is indeed one of the biggest days in everyone’s life. After years and years of hard work, your efforts have finally paid off. You’re happy but at the same time you’re nostalgic and sad. The very thought of parting with your friends and teachers can be heart-rending. But, you deserve to be acknowledged and rewarded. And so do your friends! Giving graduation gifts can be a very difficult task, but with a little bit of thought and a dash of creativity, you can give your friends some of the best gifts ever! Here are few gift ideas to help you get started:

Hand made cards and gifts can convey a very meaningful and thoughtful message to your friends. Remember that while selecting graduation gifts for your friends, always keep their taste in mind. You’re buying gifts for them, not for yourself. But graduation gifts are expected to be sweet and memory-filled. For instance, hand made cards are a good way to congratulate your buddies on their achievements. Painted flower vases, stationery engraved with your friends names, pendants, wristlets, handbags, can make thoughtful gifts to give to your friends.

Another good gift idea is to give your friends’ chic wristwatches, or an elegant set of pens. Books have always been the most popular gifting items for graduation day. A great set of educational books will always make the perfect gift to give your friends. You can also go for classics, poems or even contemporary works. A bedside lamp or a table lamp will also make a good gift to give to all your associates.

For all your girl graduate friends, giving personalized gift items like pendants, rings, bracelets, trinkets, photo frames and bags will always be appreciated. Women get far more emotional on graduation day and you should always go for sentimental gifts. You can congratulate a special friend by giving her a chic ‘black dress’. Yes, it might be a bit expensive, but taking into consideration how much women love clothes, you can be rest assured that this will be a big hit with her. Besides, the color black stands for knowledge and accomplishment. Mention this and see how your friend will bask in her newfound glory.

For all your boy graduate friends, the gifts should differ from those that you give to the girls. Naturally! Men are a lot more accepting; so you can give your guy friends show pieces and brief cases. That book set would be a good idea to gift your guy friends. Shirt of the Month Club

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Chocolates have always been the universal gift, and they will never go out of style. So buy your friend and schoolmates lots of chocolates to lift their moods. Or, you can get your successful graduate friends the very best gift, a graduation gift basket. A gift basket should ideally contain all those things that you’re your friend is fond of. From cakes, cookies, chocolates, CD’s, music albums, stationery to even wall clocks, the basket should be crammed with all sorts of goodies.

So, go ahead and choose your graduation gifts carefully and put some thought into them. After all, graduation day is one of the most special days in every person’s life, so don’t you think your friends deserve the most special gifts?

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