Fire Truck Birthday Party Theme

Fire Truck InviteRev up your child’s birthday party this year with a red hot firefighter theme! From fire truck invitations to fireman play hats, you can create a birthday party that will set off alarms of fun.

Real life heroes take the form of men and women in uniform. There is nothing nobler than a profession that combines skills and precision, as well as a commitment to serving people in the community. Firefighters risk their lives to save yours. Why not honor these heroes by hosting a birthday party for your child in their honor? Compassion is always in fashion, and children will sincerely appreciate the honorable fun they can enjoy during a firefighter-themed birthday party!

Red Alert – Fire Truck Birthday Party Invitations

Choosing the right invitation is important in stirring up excitement for your child’s birthday party. Young children tend to be very visual, and therefore, you can stimulate their enthusiasm with interesting fire truck and firefighter themed birthday party invitations. Choose a die-cut red fire truck invitation with an actual working “wiggler” ladder to entice both parents and children into attending the event.

Choose a clever way of announcing the party by writing:
“Once the smoke clears, head over to (Your Child’s Name)’s firehouse for a great party!”
Make sure to state what time the party starts and what time the party ends so that parents can make arrangements in advance to pick up their children after the “fire drill.” You don’t want to play chauffeur to a vanload of pooped partygoers.

Party Ideas – Starting with a Fire Drill

Several weeks or months in advance, contact your local firehouse or volunteer brigade to enquire about their availability to perform a fire safety program at your child’s birthday party. Some cities offer these programs specifically for children, and they are both fun and educational. If your local firehouse does not offer a children’s fire safety program, you can still take matters into your own hands!

Turn your living room or backyard into a fire station by using creativity and an abundance of red. Purchase butcher paper in red and tape the pieces on your walls, transforming your family room into a real-life firehouse. Using black markers, you can write the words, “Fire Station No. 8” along the top of each papered wall, and you can draw images of fire poles on the paper. Use an abundance of yellow and red balloons to create an ambiance of a fire station.

When the kids arrive at the party, give each child their own fireman’s hat to wear. Plastic bulk play hats are generally inexpensive, and you can fill them with the birthday goody bags as well. If your budget allows, consider buying red or yellow children’s t-shirts to give the kids when they arrive, which would present an entire firefighter’s “uniform.” If the children are in an older age bracket, then you can give them black markers to personalize their t-shirts, including writing their last name on the back, as well as your city’s name and the words “fire department” on the front.

Scorching Hot Refreshments

Purchase a large toy fire truck and use it as a centerpiece for the refreshment table. Serve fire-red fruit punch to further set the mood of a firefighting birthday party.

Give out boxes of Red Hots and Cinnamon Flavored Mike and Ikes to tide the children over until the cake is actually served. You can also serve cupcakes that have red frosting, using white sprinkles to create an outline of “flames.” Or create black and white cupcakes that are frosted in the style of Dalmatian dots.

A fire truck inspired theme really takes the cake! You do not even need a special cake pan to create a fire truck cake; instead, simply use your loaf pan. Cut 1/3 of the loaf off and place it on top of the remaining section to create the cab of the fire truck. Decorate the cake with red frosting, and use Oreo cookies for the tires, black licorice for the ladder, and gum drops for the lights.

With creativity and planning, your child’s firefighter birthday party will be a flaming success. Starting with fun fire engine invitations set the tone for your party, and guests will wait with excitement for the “fire drill” at your child’s birthday party!

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