Do it yourself Graduation Announcements

A great substitute to printed graduation announcements are announcements that you print by yourself on your personal computer. Not only are these ‘Do-it-yourself’ graduation announcements a lot more economical, but they can also be equally colorful and creative.

Start of by using plain white card stock or even plain white paper and draw everything on your own, even the graphics. Or, you can draw on a card stock or paper that already has a graduation design on it. Most supply stores provide a vast selection of graduation themed card stocks and letterheads. Or, there are wider selections and styles that are available in our website. There are several different varieties and styles to choose from, and each style and size will have its own coordinating envelope.

‘Do-it-yourself’ announcements can be easily printed at home. Many of them are laser and inkjet compatible, but check for the compatibility before you buy them. If you know how to use any kind of word processing software, then you shouldn’t have any problems creating your very own graduation announcement. In order to create a large number of announcements there are two basic options:

Print all the announcements on your home personal computer. Make sure you don’t run out of ink. For most PC’s, you might have to feed in about 10-20 sheets at a single go, but this depends on the weight of the paper.

Print your announcements on a plain white paper and then take along with your graduation themed paper to the local copy store. The copy store will copy your announcement onto the graduation themed paper. But, make sure the store is able to handle the weight and size of the paper. Also, when you’re designing and printing your ‘master copy’, take into consideration the design on your graduation themed paper.

Here are some of the different styles of ‘Do-it-yourself’ announcements that are available in the market:

Flat Card Graduation Announcements – Flat Card announcements are a lot heavier than your regular paper. There are coordinating envelopes in which the announcements can be placed. The envelopes come in a range of different colors. So, if you want something that’s a little more vivid than plain white, there are several different options for you to choose from.

Graduation Letterhead – Graduation themed letterhead paper can easily fit in your home printer. What’s more, you can include text and pictures or anything you want! There is a wide variety that is freely available and you can even buy these in our website. In addition, the coordinating envelopes have many matching designs. The letterhead, however, must be folded to fit it into the envelopes.

Photo Stamps – The hottest trend in celebrations is definitely the photo stamps. The graduate’s photo can be turned into a real US postage stamp. A different touch to add, these stamps can brighten your graduation announcements and make them look unique.

Photo Confetti – If you want to spice up your announcements by including a dash of confetti in them, then why not go all the way and add some photo confetti! Photo confetti is made from your snapshots and is mingled with colorful paper.

So,now you know how Do-it-yourself graduation announcements can be as beautiful but still a lot cheaper than buying the actual thing. So, have fun shopping for your very own Do-it-yourself graduation announcements!

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