Magic Birthday Party – Favorite Children Birthday Party

Magic Theme PartyBoys and girls alike are intrigued by the mystery of a magic show. This is a great theme to use for a birthday party or at any other time of the year.

If your son’s passion is magic, there’s no better way to celebrate his birthday than with a magic themed party. Kids love the thrill of watching a magician up close and you won’t need any additional entertainment for this type of party. You can hold this simple party right at home. Here are some tips to get you started.


Pictures of rabbits being pulled out of a hat, or cards being pulled out of a sleeve are popular invitations. This type of theme party is not appropriate for young children, or those who have difficulty with attention. Invite children that will be able to sit still and will enjoy trying to figure out the tricks. One innovative idea is to buy stationery and write the invitation in disappearing ink!


Hire a professional magician. Your local area likely has many to choose from, but choose him or her carefully. Look for someone who specializes in children’s parties and who will teach the children some tricks in addition to performing for them. You might even plan for each child to perform one magic trick at the end of the party. Get references and check them carefully. The magician will be your biggest expense for this party, so you don’t want to be disappointed.


Simple, kid food is appropriate. Chips and dip, cheese and crackers with a fruit and veggie tray are all you need. Consider a ‘top hat’ or ‘deck of cards’ cake to go with your overall theme. Juice boxes or sodas are good beverage choices.


Visit your local magic store and put together a little kit of magic tools for your guests. Add some candy and traditional birthday party favors, and you’re set to go.


Decorate you party space with enlarged posters of playing cards, rabbits, top hats and wands. You can easily build a curtained stage area in the room, for the guest magician and the child protégé magicians to use during the party.  You can give each guest a glittery top hat as they arrive, and perhaps a bow tie to match. These can be obtained at dollar stores, or online party suppliers.


If you can locate a magician for a reasonable price, invite him to do a show for the children. Whether you hire a magician or not, be sure to teach the children a few simple magic tricks. Research at several online websites will provide you with lists of needed materials and step by step instruction guides. Children will practice the tricks for an hour or more.

If there is time and the children are restless, play “Wizard Says” instead of Simon Says, If time permits, play “Pin the Wand on the Magician’s Hand”, Fuzzy Bunny (like Hot Potato), and other themed party games that can be found online.

If you search Blockbuster or other rental companies, you should be able to find old videos of some of the great magicians performing their amazing tricks. Invited guests will enjoy you reading facts from The Guinness Book of Records, of astounding feats that defy human understanding.

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