Graduation Invitation to Meet your Personality

You have worked for four long years, meeting hundreds of deadlines and taking dozens of midterms, oral exams and even stomaching the occasional all-nighter. You have had your fun too, lest we think it was all work and no play. There were the sports games and the house parties, the run-in’s at the library, that kept you from working at all. And now the work has paid off and you are about to graduate and it’s time to celebrate. When looking at graduation party invitations, instead of letting tradition be your guide, what if your personality was?

Where I have been

Were you the class clown? The theatre queen? The football captain? The most winning member of debate team? Whatever activity shaped your time in school, perhaps there is an invitation that highlights it and therefore, you. Were you your school’s biggest fan, attending every game, rain or shine? Using your school’s colors as your template could show your friends and family just what mattered most to you—school pride. Or maybe you were much busier outside of school—with work, with community service, with your family responsibilities—no matter how you spent your weekdays or weekends, there is a way to express what mattered to you through your invitation. Use a logo of your community service site, a picture of you with your co-workers, whatever you chose, let your imagination be your guide.

Where I am going

Headed off to college? A Master’s? A PhD? Maybe instead of using the colors of your high school or undergraduate college, you want to use the colors of the school where you will be headed next, transforming your invitation into a declaration of your future path. Off to work next? Use a photo or illustration of your place of employment to let people know that you are gainfully employed and eager to hit the 9-5. Off to travel for the year? Use the globe as your backdrop and let your invitation read as an itinerary, adding some images of the sites where you will soon explore.

Who I am and not what I have done

Are you a student who has worked hard against the idea that what you do is who you are? Are you someone who values friends and relationships, family and roommates? Buck the trend of mascot-themed invitations and instead, create a collage of photos on your invitation, reminding your guests that for you, relationships matter most.

Are you an outdoors person; someone who awaits sunny days and the coming of spring as much as autumn leaves and the first snow of winter? Let nature inspire your invitation. Use the colors of your favorite season to decorate your graduation invitation or an image of a mountain you have climbed, a sea where you have snorkeled. As vast as the outdoors is, so are your options for how to customize your invitation.

No matter what sort of student you were, and no matter what your next step is, there are countless ways to let your unique personality guide you when choosing graduation invitations. Whether it is a school mascot or your football team colors, future employment or your little brother’s birthday party, images of what matter most to you can let your guest know just who you have become after four years of hard work.

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