Graduation Invitations Etiquette

There is a very good reason why people call graduation ceremonies ‘commencement ceremonies’. This is because graduation does not mark the end; it marks the beginning. Graduation is the achievement of all goals, and rewarding the graduate for his or her hard work is a must. Graduation time is the time to invite friends and family together for an exclusive celebration. The Graduation party is a momentous occasion, and celebrates the success of the graduate.

While organizing the party, the first thing that needs to be done is to send out the invitations. Who do you want to invite? Friends? Family? Neighbors? In such a situation, the graduation invitations become a major source of concern. There are many ways to go about inviting your guests for your graduation party. But, the best and most widely used way is to send out invitation cards, which are respectable as well as formal. Invitation cards are easily available and can even be made at home. Remember that invitation cards should always have inviting sentences as well as good quotations. Invitation cards are often brightly decorated with glittery ribbons, beads, laces, and sparkles. Invitation cards should make the recipient feel respected and contended.

Graduation invitation cards can either be given in person or they can also be sent by post. But, depending on the kind of event you are holding, whether open house or a graduation party, there are certain rules as to whom you should invite and when.

If you are having an open house party, then there won’t be any problems. You can invite anyone and everyone! From friends to family to neighbors to even parents’ friends, the list of invitees can just go on. In case of an open house event, the invitation cards should either be mailed along with your announcements, or you can mail them separately. Invitations must be sent by first class mail, at least 14 days before the event is scheduled to take place.

On the other hand, if you are hosting a graduation party, then you must only invite close friends and acquaintances. You can take the help of your parents when it comes to deciding whether or not you should invite relatives. If you do choose to invite your relatives or even the children of close friend, then invitations must be addressed like this: To, Mr. And Mrs. Jack Black and Family.

Start by going through your holiday card list. Ask neighbors, friends’ parents, favorite teachers or coaches, coworkers, friends, and even your extended family to come along. In case you are holding a graduation party, mail your invitations separately from the graduate announcements.

While sending out invitations, remember to provide your guests with the option of not bringing any gifts along. Include in the invitation whether you are planning a meal, especially if you re holding the party in the evening. Enclose a map or any directions to help your guests find the way to your home easily. Keep in mind, it is good manners to always hand address your party invitations. Mail the invitations out to your guests well in advance so that they can reserve time for your party. if you want to know who will be attending, always include a ‘RSVP’ along with your phone number. And for those who are unable to attend your function, include a ‘Regrets Only’ sign along with the phone number.

So, now that you know what the basic graduate invitations etiquettes are, follow the above instructions. And more importantly, have fun! On the whole, it is always good to invite a lot of people. This is one of life’s biggest landmarks that you’ve just managed to cross so don’t leave anyone out.

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