The do’s and don’ts in the graduation party

So, you’re graduating from high school or college and what better excuse to throw a party! Spring is that time of the year for graduation invitations, announcementsand gifts. Etiquettes and manners form a very important part of our being social animals. The basic codes of conduct that need to be followed are known as etiquettes. But, when it comes to celebrations and parties, we often tend to ignore the importance of etiquettes. On the whole, the word ‘etiquette’ is related to formal functions and not with parties. Even though parties are meant to be exciting and fun-filled, there are certain etiquettes that need to be remembered, both by the host as well as the guests. Here are some of the dos and the don’ts in the graduation party:

Ideally, graduation announcements are only meant for family members and close friends. There really isn’t anything wrong with sending out announcements to colleagues, distant relatives and not-so-good friends, but you must always make sure that you include a ‘No gifts please’ notation. This is the same in the case of graduation invitations. However, most schools and colleges impose a certain limit on the number of spectators who are attending the ceremony. So, it is very important to think carefully before sending out the invitations. Thus, it is always better to invite your close friends and family. Graduation invitation etiquettes include informing your guests about the following details:

  1. Dress Code – If you’re throwing an unusual theme part, then make sure you state the dress code. If it is a formal function like a dinner party wherein your entire college faculty will be attending, then you must also dress in the proper attire. Always carry a dinner jacket. Young ladies should always wear evening gowns. Accessories should be simple and elegant, while make up should be moderate.
  2. Directions – Always provide written directions, a map and your phone number to ensure that no one gets lost.

At a graduation party, remember that the host is only asking for your joyful presence and not a gift. If the party is also a college send-off party, then gifts will be required because the whole intention is to get the student prepared for life after college. But, if the student is not pursuing further studies or any kind of career, then gifts are not required. However, if you still want to gift the graduate, then the gifts should be small tokens of regard. On the other hand, if you have received a graduation announcement, then it is not necessary to give gifts, since only the friends and family are invited to such affairs. Giving a nice card would be the best thing to do.

If you happen to be an invited guest, you must never ridicule or underestimate all the effort put in by the host. Always strive to be the most well mannered guest at the party. Here are a few basic etiquette rules to follow if you are a guest:

  1. Always be punctual and show up at the party at least 15 minutes after the party is officially started. In this way, you can avoid the awkwardness of reaching during preparation. And, never try to draw attention to yourself by arriving long after the party has started.
  2. Never leave too early and at the same time try not to stay long. If it is a formal event like a dinner party, it is best to leave somewhere around 45 minutes after the dessert is served.

Yes, graduation day parties are a time to have fun, but always make sure you have fun in a responsible manner.

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