Luau retirement party and other popular retirement themes

A retirement party doesn’t have to be a somber occasion, and your retirement invitation certainly doesn’t have to be so serious. Many retirement parties are incorporating fun themes for a lively and festive party. Pick something the retiree loves – traveling, sports, and hobbies – and start your theme with a great retirement party invitation.

Luau retirement invitations

Whether the guest of honor is a fan of Hawaii or can’t wait to head there after retirement, a Luau is a great theme for a retirement party. Pick a tropical invitation with pineapples, grass skirts and coconuts for a great start. A Hawaiian menu can be an easy addition to your Luau. Add some Hawaiian music and you’re all set. Get your guests in a festive mood, too. Request that they wear Hawaiian shirts or attire on your retirement invitation for an added kick.

Nostalgic retirement invitations

This is a great way to fondly remember a great career and get all invitees involved. Send your retirement party invitation with an old photo of the guest of honor. Then ask all guests to send a photo and come to the party with a story to share. The photos can be used for a slide show to run all night long with the evening’s activities. After all guests have arrived, plan on asking guests to share their story about the retiree. The old-photo retirement invitation will get everyone in the partying mood and the story telling will lead to lots of great laughs.

A friendly ‘roast’ for your retirement party

First made popular by the New York Friar’s Club, the roast has become an increasingly popular way to honor and poke gentle fun at the guest of honor. If you’re planning a roast, make sure you make a note of that on your retirement invitations. You should also be clear about your audience. Some roasts can get a little bawdy and might not be suitable for all audiences. Make your wishes clear on your retirement party invitation to avoid any uncomfortable situations or offensive language.

Sports themed retirement party invitations

If your retiree is a sports fan make the most of it with a sports themed retirement party invitation and party. A golf themed retirement party invitation is perfect for the retiree who plans to spend his days on the links. A football themed invitation is just right for the retiring arm-chair quarter back. Just about any sports themed retirement party invitation is perfect for the guest of honor who loves sports and games.

Travel-themed retirement party invitations

Retirees who love to travel deserve a bon voyage to work party to celebrate their new adventures. A retirement party invitation that is in the style of a plane ticket or cruise ship starts the party off right. If your guest of honor has travel plans after retirement, celebrate with travel-themed retirement party invitations, décor and a tour-of-the-world menu

Whatever the theme, make sure to pick the right retirement invitation to celebrate this great occasion. After half a lifetime of hard work, your guest of honor deserves a fantastic retirement and an even better retirement party.

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