Black Graduation Invitations for the Cumlaude Graduate

Most students work hard to complete their degrees successfully, but a cumlaude graduate has worked that much harder at excelling beyond the average. The direct translation of cumlade is “with honor” (direct translation) or “with praise.” Therefore, a cumlaude graduate has achieved what a small percentage of students have, a diploma with honors. When choosing graduation announcements you should feel proud to declare your unique accomplishment. Depending on what you feel comfortable with, you can announce outright that you have received cumlaude status or indirectly speak to your achievement by using a color that has long represented power, black.

Out-write or subtle? Your call.

When writing your graduation invitations, you can directly state that you have achieved cumlaude status. The wording can be as simple as, “The Smith family is proud to announce their son’s Ryan’s graduation from State Univeristy, where he graduated cumlaude with a Bachelor’s of History.” Using a blank invitation with black accents will allow you to choose your own wording.

But there is also a way the color of your invitation can indirectly speak to your achievement. By choosing to use black, either as the color of your invitation, or just as a major color accent, you can use its symbolism to speak to your recent success.

Black as a color of career in Fengshui

In Fengshui, black is a water element color and is also associated with attracting luck in your career. Black is sophisticated and calming.

Choosing a black invitation not only announces your recent achievements, but also announces to your guests that a career is in your future, that your recent achievements are only a start. Avoiding brightly colored announcements allows your guests to see you as you are: successful, studious, and eager to begin the next phases of your life.

Black: a powerful, encompassing color

Black encompasses all other colors, and can represent strength and determination. It is elegant and classic. It is a serious color, but serious doesn’t need to mean boring. Black is a color that can represent your achievements if you don’t want to mention them outright. To graduate with honors, you needed determination, seriousness of purpose, and resolve. Let a black-detailed invitation, like the Black Graduation Open House Invitations speak to your powerful drive, without explicitly mentioning your scholastic achievement.

The choice to directly mention your cumlaude status ultimately comes down to what you and your family feels comfortable with. Whichever you choose—to mention it explicitly or just through the use of black accents—there are invitations to suit your needs. A blank invite gives you the wiggle room to craft your own announcement, while a fill in the blank invite will probably leave your parents in charge of boasting of your achievements the day of the party while you awkwardly nibble on appetizers. Talk the decision over as family and see what you all feel comfortable with; but be confident that your achievement deserves some mention. You earned it!

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