Etiquette to Promote Your Business with Graduation Invitations

It is increasingly common for adults to earn a degree while working, whether they pursued a graduate or undergraduate degree. If you are an entrepreneur and started your own business while attending school, plan to start one after graduation, or work for a firm and need clients, there are tasteful ways to promote your business with your graduation invitations.

Business Promotion Etiquette

If you want to incorporate your existing business, career, or new business into your graduation invitations, it is important to observe proper etiquette to avoid making guests feel as if they are looking at a commercial instead of an invitation. It is appropriate to include your field as a theme or invitation decoration. Perhaps you might send invitations featuring calculators and adding machines for a new CPA practice.

Avoid the temptation to set up an information booth and never openly solicit guests or offer complimentary consultations during your party. This event is solely to celebrate your graduation, not sell your services or recruit clients. For example, giving guests a free financial portfolio review could cause you to lose friends instead of gain new clients. Instead, simply interact with your guests in a mature yet accessible way, and they will remember your poise and possibly call you in the future.

Be Subtle

If, for example, you just graduated from business school, whether with an undergraduate or graduate degree, this achievement is important and pertinent to your career. However, mention only the details concerning your graduation party, not your business venture. Your invitation should include your name, name of the school, degree you earned, location of the party, time and date, and RSVP information.

Subtle ways to mention your business would be to incorporate a brief mention in your invitation heading, such as: “You’re Invited to Celebrate Susan Johnson’s Matriculation into the Design World with her Degree in Interior Design.” This lets guests know her career without feeling pressured to hire her.

Tasteful Ways to Promote Your Business

Your location could serve as your promotion by hosting it at your place of business, if appropriate. If, for example, you work for a financial company who sponsored your schooling, your company might choose to host the gathering at their corporate offices. The atmosphere will probably produce some business-related discussions, but the atmosphere should still be light and conducive to a graduation party.

Another way to promote your business is by tailoring your talents to your party, if possible. For example, if you just graduated from art or design school, consider creating your own invitations using your new skills. Guests won’t be able to overlook your talents, but won’t feel as if you are trying to sell your creative services.

Finally, you might consider using your degree as your theme, especially if your business is more abstract, such as computer programming. You might even have a computer nerd theme and ask your guests to dress like nerds or just dress like one yourself. Your sense of humor will show through, and your guests aren’t likely to forget your occupation.

As long as remain on the tasteful side of the line, hosting your graduation party with a subtle business promotion won’t alienate your guests, and it might make them more willing to take a chance on the new graduate.

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