Casual Graduation Party Ideas

If you want to throw a wonderful party for that special high school or college graduate in your life, don’t assume you have to spend a fortune and put together some very elegant get together. After all, your graduate has already worked very hard to achieve this accomplishment and now just needs some time to relax and unwind. That’s why sometimes a more casual celebration is the best choice.

Some Casual Graduation Party Themes

When you’re trying to decide on a theme for the graduation party, think about the guest of honor. What are her interests? What are his hobbies? Those types of questions can help you narrow down your options and come up with a theme that will be the cornerstone for a fabulous and fun affair. Here are a few ideas.

  • The Picnic – Since most graduations take place in May or June when the weather is just beginning to turn wonderful for outdoor events, a picnic can be a great theme for your graduation celebration. You can start with a great invitation, such as American Hot Dog or Outdoor Party. Make sure to have big grill handle to tackle the hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, chickens, or whatever else you want to serve. If you’re on a budget, ask all of your guests to bring some type of side dish. Cold beers (or sodas if you’re throwing a high school graduation party) from the cooler make a nice beverage choice.
  • Fishing – If your graduate loves to fish, then make that the theme of your party. Rent a boat and head out on the open water for an entire day of fishing. You can bring some light refreshments then end the day with a delicious seafood dinner either at a restaurant or using whatever you caught during the day. A great invitation for this type of party is the Fishing Themed invitation.

Those are just two ideas for a casual graduation theme. When you’re thinking about themes, just remember to be creative and to keep the personality of the guest of honor in mind.

Other Graduation Party Tips

When you’re throwing a graduation party, it’s best to make the celebration a surprise if possible. Make up an excuse for the graduate to be somewhere else with someone you can trust to bring them to the party location on time. Just make sure that the Invitations you send out to guests mention that the party is a surprise. Otherwise they may spill the beans.

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