Add a little humor to your graduation invitations

Caution: before applying your sly wit and devilish humor to your (potentially) parentally funded graduation invitations, doublecheck with your guardians to ensure that whatever you send out will represent your family with respect. If you the graduate are a funny-guy, it is likely that so are your parents. However, before you mail that funny invite to Aunt Edna, make sure your parents are fine with it.

Graduation is a serious event—serious in that it is an important milestone. But announcing your recent achievement doesn’t need to be humorless. There’s no reason why the fun can’t start at the mailbox! Especially if you are a person known for their wit or just a notorious disregard for decorum, then add some humor to your invitation and put a smile on your guests’ face. Graduation season is a busy party time for family and friends, and mailboxes quickly fill with announcements of parties and open houses. In a sea of picture perfect invitations, stand apart from the rest with a humorous graduation announcement.

A picture is worth a 1,000 words

Have a picture from when you were receiving your kindergarten diploma or taking a nap as a first grader? Use photos from when you were a kid to announce that somehow you made it through the years of finger-painting and bio-chem, to arrive to your graduation. An opening line like, “I must have learned something along the way, because I am graduating!” can act as a humorous intro to your invitation.

Or use a photo from an awkward period of life (middle school would be a first choice) to poke fun at how far you have come—not only physically, but also scholastically. Use an invitation like the Graduation Photo Overlay Invitation Kit with an irreverent (but appropriate) declaration of your completion. “They let this guy graduate?! We don’t know how either, but they did, so our family is celebrating. Come celebrate with us!”

Another option is to use a blank invitation like the border slim invitations to craft your own nursery rhyme for how you got from pre-school to graduation, highlighting the funny stops along the way.

Is the future wide open?

Unsure of how you got to graduation day? Uncertain of what is next? Not sure about work or college plans? Poke fun at the idea that you need to have it all figured out with an announcement of untraditional plans:

  • • Looks like I am moving back home!
  • • I guess this means I passed? Now what? Open house!
  • • All those all-nighters must have paid off, I got a diploma!
  • • I think they just wanted me out of there, 7 years seemed long enough.

Use your infamous humor to add your own sayings to your graduation invitation and remind your friends and family that yes, you are graduated, but all that schooling didn’t take away your humor. If anything, you just have a bigger vocabulary from which to craft punchlines.

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