Personalize Your Graduation Invitations with Special Inspirations

A graduation invitation can be just a graduation invite, but there are some great things that you can do to add your personal touch and make it interesting and even inspirational to those that you send them to. There is nothing better than sending out invites that have been infused with your own personal style, whatever that may be. Why not get creative with your invites, making them more fun to send out and keep as a keepsake after the event? Your invites are all about you, who you are, and your accomplishments whether you are graduating from high school or college, so take some time to infuse your own personal style into each and every invite.

There are many different things that you can do to personalize your graduation invitation, but one of the most simple and inspirational can be to add a favorite quote or passage to the inside of the invite. Usually the left hand inside flap of an invite is left blank, but this is a great place to place a quote to share with others. The quote can be a favorite quote; it can be something that the graduate has said, a Bible passage, or a hope for the future. Anything that speaks to who you are and your philosophy in life is a great addition to your invite and those that receive it will appreciate it.

Another great thing that you can do to personalize your graduation invitation is to add a picture to it. This is very simple, but many people like to receive a picture of the graduate along with an invite or announcement. Many invites come with a place to put a picture right into the stationary, but if this is not the case you can simply place your picture on the inside of the invites when you send them out for a nice touch.

If you are looking for a more unique way to personalize your graduation invitation you can ask for the printer to emboss some sort of design on the inside of your invite. This can be done on the blank side, or it can be done above or below the writing on the right hand side. These designs can be simple such as butterflies, flowers, sports themes, cheerleaders, pom poms, horses, or whatever it is that you like that you would like incorporated into the theme of your invite. You can choose to get as elaborate as you would like, or you can keep it very simple.

Want to keep your personalization simple and affordable? Many simply enjoy placing confetti into the invitation when they send it out. Many girls like glitter or flowery confetti while males might like sports themed confetti. This is a nice touch that is bound to make recipients of the invites smile! This can cost very little, even if you are sending out many invites because confetti can be purchased in bags for very affordable prices.

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