Planning Kids Birthday Party

If you’ve never thrown a child’s birthday party before, you are in for a real treat! Starting with the very first birthday, they can be wild, crazy events. Keep the kids under control and the mess to a minimum with these helpful hints.

Plan for Every Event

Even with just a few kids, a birthday party can get messy. Set the party up in a room that can get a bit messy. Cover tables with paper or plastic tablecloths and have stacks of napkins or paper towels within easy reach at all times!

Hopefully it won’t be necessary to use it, but have a fully stocked first aid kit on hand just in case!

Keep It Simple

Balloons, streamers and even a banner are all that is necessary to decorate for your child’s birthday party. If your party is set to a certain theme, that will dictate the decorations you should use. Remember that anything you put up for decorations will have to be cleaned up after the party!

Designate Chaperones

Don’t try to do everything yourself; enlist the help of other parents or relatives who are attending your party to make sure there are a set of eyes on every child at all times. These people will be a great help to you decorating, serving food, playing games and cleaning up!

Plan a Packed Schedule

Keep the kids busy is the key to keeping them out of trouble! Make the party only as long as you can entertain everyone without running into nap times. Have several games prepared and move quickly from one to the next. If the kids aren’t enjoying a game, simply quit and move on to the next one. If all else fails, turn on some Raffi and have a dance contest!

Have the meal ready to eat as soon as the kids are seated at the table. Provide plenty of bibs and napkins, but plan on cleaning up a big mess afterwards!

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff!

The best way to handle the stress of your child’s birthday party is to avoid getting stressed out about it! When you are having fun, the kids will have fun so relax and participate in the festivities. Try to keep the kids involved and busy helping you as much as possible, for example have them be your ‘Birthday Elves” to bring their gifts to the Birthday Boy or Girl for unwrapping. Set a garbage bag out and assign two kids the duty of cleaning up the wrapping paper.

Even if things seem to be going downhill, take a deep breath and remember, some day you will look back on this day and laugh!

Set a Strict Pick-Up Time

If parents aren’t staying with their children for the duration of the party, remind them when they drop the children off that it ends at a certain time. As soon as the festivities end, you will want to get straight to cleaning up the balloons, smeared cake and leftover hotdogs!

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