Differentiating Masculine & Feminine Graduation Invitations Theme

Because both men and women graduate from high school as well as college there needs to be a way to differentiate between invitations that are more appropriate for men and those that are more appropriate for women. This is not to say that there aren’t invitations that are appropriate for both genders, but if you want something that really captures who you are, you will find that there are a lot of different things that can be added to your invitation that will allow it to become quite masculine or feminine.

There are many things that can be done to make an invitation more feminine or more masculine. The first thing that can be done is wording. For instance, an invitation can read “Anne Smith and her parents cordially invite you to her graduation ceremonies…” this denotes that the invitation is for a female instead of a male, and the same can be done for a male using the word he or his. This is something really simple, but it sets apart an invitation that is for a male or a female.

There are also some other things that can be done to make an invitation more masculine or feminine. Script is a really simple way to set the two apart. Males are usually drawn to more block style printing, and this can be formal but still very masculine. On the other hand, women are usually more drawn to the script style writing that is more flowery or simply more feminine in appearance. When you couple the script with the wording you will find that each invitation takes on either a very masculine or very feminine look without having done much at all.

Another great way to make a graduation invitation more masculine or feminine is to add small details to the invitation that may not be all that traditional, but will make the stationary unique. Many girls like to add a couple of embossed flowers on the inside of their invitation, perhaps at the top and bottom of the writing, or on the left hand inside of the invite. This is simply a decorative touch, but can also enhance the feminine nature of the entire thing. Others choose to have the envelopes embossed with a flower, butterfly, or something of that nature. Males often like to do the same thing, but with something like a basketball if they were into sports, or a baseball, baseball bat, or football. This is a simple thing, but it can really personalize the whole invitation nicely.

As you can see, there are a lot of really simple things that can make an invite either more masculine or more feminine. This is not a concern for everyone, as many invites are suitable for either males or females, but for those that have a preference there are subtle changes that can be made to make the invite attractive, personalized, yet still classy and to the point. Others find that simply adding some themed confetti to the inside of the invitation before mailing it adds that personal touch that they needed!

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