Creating a Photogenic Photo for Graduation Photo Cards

Graduation, after all your hard work, has finally come. Now you have to choose from a variety of graduation announcements and invitations so your friends and family will be aware of your accomplishment. A great way to personalize your choice is by creating photo cards.

Photo Cards Applications

Graduation photo cards can function as announcements or invitations. Even if you are hosting a graduation party, you might want to also purchase announcements, unless you are planning to invite everyone in your address book to your celebration. If you are, then your photo card can serve as both your announcement and invitation. If you are only inviting family and a few close friends, you might want to send announcements to those who aren’t on the guest list.

If you have a lot of family or friends who live out of town and don’t see you often, a photo card, particularly one with multiple photos, is a great way to update them both on your graduation achievement, as well as provide them with a recent photo as a keepsake.

Tips on Creating the Perfect Photo

Taking graduation photos will become important keepsakes for you and your family. It is wise to enlist the services of a professional photographer who will be able to capture your smiling face with sophisticated equipment and use his expertise to create the perfect lighting and backdrop.

If you have an amateur photographer in the family and decide to take them at home, put some thought into wardrobe and potential backgrounds. It is important to take a few trial shots wearing different colors and styles to make sure your skin glows with excitement, instead of blending in with your beige shirt. Practice your smile in front of a mirror or by taking trial shots. Digital cameras make this an easy way to identify your best angle so your graduation photos will turn out beautifully.

Photo Card Ideas

There are several ways to incorporate a photo into your graduation announcement or invitation. You might want a single shot of you in your graduation cap and gown or dressed nicely. If you have a hobby, play a sport, or hold student office, you might want to include a candid shot of yourself participating in one or more of these events. You could feature a large photo of yourself dressed in cap and gown plus a couple smaller photos of you scoring the winning goal, riding a horse, or making a speech. This way, your friends and family get to see you in action and get a feel for what you’ve done the past four years.

Incorporating your school colors is another great way to tie in the graduation theme. No matter what you choose, whether it’s your school colors or a combination of your favorite colors, choose your outfit wisely. If your school colors, for example, are burgundy and gold, and you take a photo wearing bright pink with navy blue, you will shift the focus from a graduation photo card to a clashing war of colors.

Creating graduation photo cards not only personalizes announcements, but serves as a treasured reminder of all you’ve accomplished.

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