Ladybug Spring Fling Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Little girls love springtime, especially when flowers and ladybugs abound! Why not take the time to plan a special event that combines the beauty and wonder of the outdoors with the irresistible charm of our spotted, six legged friends? Host a ladybug-inspired spring fling birthday party for your little girl in your own backyard or at your favorite park. See how quickly she will light up by being in her favorite place among nature.

Here’s how to put that extra hour of Daylight Savings Time to good use! Use this guide to create a whimsical experience for your lucky little lady!

Making Your Mark

How could anyone forget what a ladybug looks like? Their spotted, pear shaped bodies are hard to miss. You can identify them from a mile away due to their unique markings.

You can leave a marking of your own by having your daughter pick her own special party announcements. She most likely will choose an invitation with a friendly ladybug with lime green spots and polka dotted shoes. Her friends will relish in excitement over receiving the adorable invitation in the mail.

The Buzz about Springtime Party Planning

Because the party will be held outside, you should prepare yourself for whatever Mother Nature has in store for you. If the party will take place in your yard, be aware that rain will force you to move the event indoors. If you decide to have the party at a park, you may have to cancel due to unfavorable weather. Always keep an umbrella or two on hand as well as a few spare raincoats just in case. Keep an indoor party contingency plan in place to entertain guests, even if the weather does not cooperate.

Red and black should be the theme colors. Purchase party decorations that reflect springtime. Freshly cut flowers placed in vases can really make a tabletop look special.

Since there won’t be anywhere to hang streamers, opt to tie polka dotted ribbon around balloons instead.
Fake butterflies or bumble bees can be added to barrettes and placed in your flower child’s hair giving her the appearance of being a “Spring Queen.” You can even purchase paper butterflies or ladybugs in advance and allow the guests to create their own “jewelry.”

Fill goody bags full of flowered pencils, miniature notebooks, erasers, and stamps. Gifts like these will be fun to take to school the next day.

Nectar of the Gods

Serve up a refreshingly light drink consisting of ginger ale, lime juice, grenadine. Top with an orange slice and a maraschino cherry. Call it a cute name like Hummingbird Nectar. Serve it in clear plastic glasses so the children can see what they are drinking.

Dice up various types of fruit and arrange them on skewers. Children can choose from fresh pineapple, strawberries, grapes, and bananas. Throw away empty sticks to avoid injuries.

Create a ladybug cake easily with a round cake pan. Embellish the frosted dessert with pieces of candy and cookies to make a delightful treat for everyone to enjoy!

Sunshine combined with a whole lot of imagination with fuel this sensational afternoon outdoors. From the ladybug birthday invitations to flowers everywhere, your little girl will love spending her special day amongst friends and nature.

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