Graduation Invitation Ideas for Specific Industries

If you are graduating with a degree in a specific field, you might consider choosing graduation invitations that highlight your special area of expertise, perhaps even extending it to become your party theme.

Artistic Invitations

For the graduate who just completed studies in a creative and artistic field, such as art, creative writing, or fashion design, consider incorporating your skills into your graduation invitations and party. You are sure to stand out from the crowd and will let friends and family know what you’ve been learning.

For artists, you might want to have a gallery theme and showcase your best work. This could include paintings, sculpture, drawings, or a combination of your creations. Your graduation invitations could even feature one of your paintings as the background. An idea for a creative writer, perhaps a poet, would be to compose a short verse or excerpt an existing poem you wrote for your guests’ enjoyment. It doesn’t have to rhyme or relate to graduation, but could be more abstract and express with how you’re feeling about the future.

Medical Invitations

Perhaps you’ve graduated from nursing school, medical school, or have a medical connection, such as a physical therapist. If you have a specialty, use this on your invitations in a creative way. You might send graduation invitations featuring a stethoscope and puppies if you became a vet. You could even make it an animal-friendly party and invite pets as well.

A nurse might send graduation invitations featuring white, sensible shoes or a woman in a nurse’s outfit. Guests could be invited to wear their sensible shoes to the party or wear white in honor of the new nurse.

Legal Invitations

There are two choices when having a party for a new lawyer, either embrace lawyer jokes or ignore their existence. Depending on you and your guests, you might have a lawyer roast to be properly inducted into the profession. Send graduation invitations featuring a lawyer on fire and ask guests to come armed with their best lawyer joke. Of course, you could simply send invitations featuring the scales of justice or even a photo invitation of the new lawyer in graduation garb.

Law Enforcement Invitations

If you’ve just joined the ranks of the police department, or other law enforcement agency, you could send lighthearted invitations warning guests they might be arrested or get a ticket if they don’t attend your party. Whatever colors are associated with your branch can be incorporated into both the invitation and the theme.

Financial and Business Invitations

Graduating with a degree relevant to the financial or business sectors is a great accomplishment. Your graduation invitations might include an image of Wall Street or a stockbroker yelling into the phone, or might feature a person joining the business world to serve as your theme as well. Your guests will probably offer a lot of career advice, so be prepared to accept it with a smile.

Embracing your unique degree by making it the theme of your graduation party and invitations will ensure your guests never forget what it is you do for a living, and they just might hire you!

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