Cherry Blossoms Bridal Shower

In many ways, cherry blossoms are perfect for any wedding day celebration. Not only do these flowers represent life and the life cycle, but they also happen to be the epitome of picture-perfect bliss.

A Sought After Tradition

The tradition of viewing cherry blossoms began during the Heian Period of Japanese history. During this time, various members of the Japanese nobility sought out popular Chinese traditions by attempting to make them their own. One of these traditions was flower watching (“hanami”).

Numerous Chinese aristocrats would often gather underneath flowering cherry blossom trees in order to watch the flowers bloom. Seeking to emulate this practice, the Japanese planted numerous cherry trees throughout noble grounds. Today, the tradition of watching the cherry tress bloom is still alive and well.

Beginning in Okinawa during January, cherry trees start to bloom steadily. These trees bloom one-by-one until the last tress in Tokyo begin to bloom towards the end of March. Viewing each cluster of trees region by region has become a favourite Japanese pastime.

Beauty or Life?

Chinese brides may prize the cherry blossom for its representation of all things feminine. Within Chinese culture, the cherry blossom means love and beauty. Japanese brides also prize the cherry tree, though they hold this flowering beauty in high regard for an entirely different reason.

To the Japanese, the cherry tree stands for life. The Japanese compare the cherry tree to the life cycle due to the fact that the tree blossoms, lives for a brief moment, and then the blossoms fall to the ground. The following year, the entire act of blossoming is repeated.

Incidentally, due to its fluffy shape, the cherry tree can also symbolize clouds. No matter what this tree means to you, it is an incredible sight to see. Perhaps this is why the cherry blossom makes an ideal wedding symbol for brides of all cultures, traditions, and backgrounds.

Love, Life, and Hope

A bridal shower invitation decorated with cherry blossoms represents all of the things mentioned above: love, life, and hope. A bride is full of love. She is about to embark upon a new life journey, and she is bursting with lots of hope – in every manner, the cherry blossom is a wonderful symbol.

While some cherry blossom bridal shower invitations can be overcrowded with lots of pink and gold, a simple blossom that rests upon a cool blue background is truly striking. Giving off a royal appearance, these invitations are sure to please any blushing bride.

A wedding ceremony is a true celebration of life that begins with the bridal shower. While a bridal shower is a time to don the bride-to-be with presents and love, it is also a time of pure renewal. Every last detail of a bridal shower should signify all of the wonderful things that come with an engagement.

Take a few tips from those noble families of old, and select the cherry blossom for your bridal shower invitations. No matter what this tree has meant in the past, it will forever symbolize true love following your bridal shower.

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