Graduation Party Planning Checklist

Its Graduation time! You’re planning on hosting a graduation party and you want it to be unique and exciting. Planning any party can be overwhelming and many things can go wrong. So, to be on the safer side, you need to come up with a graduation planning checklist to keep things from bouncing out of control. So, no making any announcements until and unless everything has been carefully organized! Once you have your budget set, you are all ready to get started. Here are a few pointers to help you plan for your special graduation party or get together:

Getting started

Before you can even think of getting started, remember you need to pick a date for your graduation party. Check your school calendar as well as your personal calendar to see if there are any other events that might coincide with your date. Even if you aren’t attending any of those events, some of your friends might be. There is absolutely no need to spend a fortune on throwing a graduation party. With a little bit of budgeting and a few sacrifices here and there, you can still throw a really cool party. When you’re contemplating on a date, first decide whether you would like to host the party in the mornings, afternoons or evenings. Choose a unique location. Whether you would like it indoors or outdoors, at home or at a club, location does matter. Again, you are encouraged to be different.

Next in line comes ordering for your tables, chairs or even tents. Call the caterers or even local restaurants to check price differences. If you really want to make your party different and you want to add an exotic touch to the whole event, decide upon a party theme. From a sports theme to a beach party, your theme can be anything you want it to be. Make sure you buy all the decorations like the centerpieces and the balloons and streamers beforehand so that you won’t have to rush to the stores at the very last minute. Buy giveaway gifts and favors for all your graduate friends. Order for all your food and beverages.

From friends and family to neighbors to even teachers, you can invite just about anyone! While preparing your checklist, keep a copy of the addresses so that they can be used later for sending thank you cards or stationery.

So, when is the right time to send out invitations? It is recommendable to send out invitations at least 3-4 weeks prior to the party. However, if you wish to invite guests from out of town, then send them invitations earlier, or call them as soon as possible.

Its Party Time!

Finally, the party day has arrived. You’re in a mess; everything is out of place and you just cant figure out where to start from. Have no fear! Follow these instructions and everything should sail through smoothly.

First and foremost, remember to pick up the food and beverages that you ordered for. Buy yourself some extra batteries and film for your camera. Wrap all the gifts and favors for your graduate friends. Ask a friend to come along and help you set up the decorations. Remember to set the tables and chairs wherever you wish them to be. Set the non-perishable food items earlier and the perishable ones at the very last minute.

Last but not the least; sleep as late into the morning as you possibly can, you’re going to need every ounce of energy for the party!

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