Formal Graduation Party Ideas

When we think of graduation parties, sometimes we have the impression that all of them are just full of young people drinking too much and playing loud music. And sure some graduation parties would fit that description pretty well, but that isn’t your only option if you’re planning a celebration for a special student in your life.

One idea is to put together a formal dinner party as a way of congratulating your student and of showing just how impressed you are with their accomplishment. Here are some ideas on how to put together a wonderful dinner party your student will remember forever.

Planning the Dinner Party

First, you’ll want to consider the guest list. Formal dinner parties are much smaller than most parties and the number of people you can invite is limited by the available space. You should also ask your guest of honor if he or she has any preferences as to who should be invited. A few close friends or perhaps a significant other would be appropriate additions to the guest list. However, you’ll probably want most of the guests to be close relatives – parents, siblings, grandparents, etc.

Once you have selected a guest list, then you’ll need to send out invitations. You’ll want to choose an elegant invitation, such as Leaf Foil Embossed, Black and Gold Foil Embossed, or Black Design Border on Crème. These invitations will definitely set the tone for the event. Also, make sure you include a message on the invitation if you have any specific dress requirements.

Next you’ll want to begin planning the menu. Obviously, you should choose food items that are favorites of the guest of honor. You might want to do several courses, perhaps starting with a soup or a salad. Consider something unique as your entrée: chicken lasagna in alfredo sauce is a good option. Make sure you also choose an equally wonderful dessert, perhaps a crème breule. If you’re not the most experienced chef, don’t worry. Many restaurants will cater dinner parties, too.

The Special Celebration

During the meal, you may want to give everyone an opportunity to say a few words about the guest of honor’s accomplishments. They may even want to do their own toasts, so make sure to have some champagne on hand. After dessert and coffee, you can step into another room of the house to present the guest of honor with gifts. Remember an elegant dinner party should be capped off with an equally elegant graduation present.

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