Relaxing Ideas for a Spa Theme Bridal Shower Party

beautiful woman at the spaDoes the bride in your life just need an afternoon of pampering and relaxation with the girls? Then why not plan an extra-special spa theme bridal shower party that will leave the bride and her guests glowing at the end of the afternoon?

Budget-Friendly Spa Theme Bridal Shower Party Ideas

If you know the bride is hankering for some pampering at her bridal shower party, but you’re worried about the budget needed to host a spa theme bridal shower party at a spa, consider hosting on at your home. Download a few free recipes for homemade facial masks and make it a fun activity for guests to mix up their own mud mask. Or pre-mix masks for oily, dry and normal skin types for everyone to try using ingredients like yogurt, avocado and honey.

You can also set up a pedicure area with enough tubs for everyone to soak their feet while their homemade mud masks dry. A little scented bath powder in each tub of warm water will feel great. Nail files come in fun colors and patterns and can be bought cheaply, so provide one for everyone, as well as an assortment of nail polish, and everyone will leave with fresh toes, moisturized feet and glowing skin!

While people soak, have a fruity punch or cocktail on hand and get everyone talking on the bride’s favorite subject, or have everyone share a funny story about the bride or groom. After everyone’s toes are dry and faces are clean, have a salad prepared along with fresh fruit for a healthy lunch after their spa treatments, but don’t get too healthy with dessert!

All-Out Spa Theme Bridal Shower Party Ideas

If you are able to host the spa theme bridal shower party at a spa or salon, then plan ahead and get a group deal at a local spa. This could include manicures and pedicures for all the guests and a facial for the bride, a group massage or facial, or the spa might work out a special “menu” of spa treatments at a discounted price for guests to choose. The point is to try and keep the bridal shower party together so everyone can enjoy a cocktail and chat while they get pampered.

spa sceneAfter the spa session, everyone could adjourn to a nearby café for a healthy lunch, or depending on the spa, lunch could be catered or ordered in and set up right in the spa for everyone to enjoy once their treatments are finished. This way, no one has to leave or miss part of the bridal shower party, especially if it runs a little long depending on the types of services you choose.

You won’t need as many decorations for a spa theme bridal shower party at a spa, but still plan to decorate the bride’s pedicure chair, for example, and bring some bridal balloons and a flower arrangement to decorate the area where the spa bridal shower party will take place. After this luxurious spa theme bridal shower party, the bride and her guests will be eternally grateful!

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