Barbeque/Barbecue Party Theme

Warm weather invokes thoughts of the days gone by and stirs in most the desire to “fire up the grill”. Why not plan to have some friends over soon, to share a Barbecue with you?


Invitations touting pictures of smoking grills and cooks dressed in barbecue aprons automatically cause the recipient to start thinking of the aroma of the grill. Soon, they begin to think about the mouth watering foods that will be grilling on the appointed day. Those you have invited will be quick to RSVP to let you know that they would “love to come”.


A Barbecue theme is very simple and easy to put together. Red and white checked table cloths and brightly colored patio lights are the basics needed to set your atmosphere. Torches and/or citronella candles will be appreciated by your guests regardless of the time of day that the Barbecue is being held. You can get as fancy as you desire, using potted plants, garden statues and other outdoor décor to decorate your patio area that you are grilling in. Often, the invited guests will sit near the grilling area and visit with the cook (who is often the host as well) as dinner is being prepared. Be sure to provide sturdy plates and ample napkins at a Barbecue.


It used to be that Hamburgers and Hotdogs were the mainstay foods at a Barbecue. That was back grills were far less sophisticated than they are today. Today, the choice is to cook the food over gas or charcoal, slow cooked or sizzled, on a skewer or on the rack.

Because of the advances in cooking over the Barbecue grill, the menu choices are now varied and include grilled vegetables for the guests who prefer not to eat meat. Grilled fruit kabobs are also growing in popularity. The hamburger is no longer quickly formed from ground round and put on the grill. Entire cookbooks are devoted to creating the finest burgers known to man. Side dishes, such as rice or corn used to be cooked inside the house, while the grill was in use outside. This created the need for the cook to be swift to run between the indoor and outdoor cooking answers. This need has been eliminated by the creation of grills with side burners. Now, the cook multitasks and cooks side dishes and the meats at the same time. Gourmet grilling is quickly becoming an art form, and hosting a Barbecue is the perfect place to showcase cooking talents. Desserts used to be simple S’mores. Now, cakes and pies can be cooked on the Barbecue grill. Provide large tubs or coolers full of ice and drinks, and invite your guests to help themselves.

There is little need to provide much for activity at a Barbecue, as they easily lend themselves to eating and conversing throughout the duration of the party. Some parties might last for several hours, while the host/cook continues to grill one “course” after the next to “wow” the guests.

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