Baby Shower Invitations Made Easy With Fill-in Invites

If you are worried about designing and writing your baby shower invitations, there is a way to alleviate that stress. Fill-in invitations are typically easier on the budget and the writing muscle.

What are Fill-In Baby Shower Invitations?

Fill-in invitations provide a pre-printed template to ensure that all the necessary information makes it onto the invitation. There are fields that delineate who the shower is for (always the mother-to-be, unless it’s a couples’ shower where both parents should be listed), the date, time and location, and a place for RSVP contact information. Often, there are extra lines where you can write extraneous information you might want to include, such as your registry details or asking guests to wear theme-related attire.

Fill-In Baby Shower Invitation Tips

Fill-in invitations aren’t just for casual showers. If you are having a formal tea and you find fill-in invitations that match your elegant theme, perhaps decorated with a border of roses or teapots, then go ahead and order them. Once you receive them, either take the money you saved ordering fill-in invitations and hire a calligrapher to fill the information in, or employ your own handwriting talents. Your invitations will look as formal as your shower.

Of course, fill-in invitations still work well when having a casual baby shower, especially one with a fun theme. Even if you don’t hire a calligrapher, it is still important to write legibly and carefully to ensure the ink doesn’t smudge. Guests receiving sloppily written shower invitations could misinterpret the shower information, or worse, not take it seriously and skip it altogether.

Will Fill-In Baby Shower Invitations Limit My Choices?

Just because you choose baby shower invitations that are pre-made and ready to fill in doesn’t mean they offer no design choices! No matter what theme you choose, you are likely to find several corresponding options to complement your theme. For instance, if you are having a shower for a baby girl, you will be able to find fill-in invitations in pink, polka dots and appropriately labeled for specific girl themes. You might find cards titled Tickled Pink, Little Angel, or Sweet Pea, all tailored for baby girls and all fill-in invitations.

If you haven’t chosen a theme, take time to peruse the options of fill-in invitations, and you just might find the perfect one. For example, if you’re having a boy and find the invitation labeled All Star Baby Shower, there’s your invitation and your sports theme all in one.

Taking Advantage of Fill-In Invitations

There are several advantages to choosing fill-in invitations for your baby shower. Besides all the planning that comes with a baby shower, you can allocate more of your budget towards decorations and food rather than invitations.

Whether you are pressed for time, money or just don’t want to go through the hassle of designing custom invitations, find your perfect fill-in baby shower invitations. They will make your life easier, as well as allow you to spend more of your budget on the baby shower itself!

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