Baptism Invitation Trends and Fashions

Baptism is often your baby’s first major event. Although it is hard to go wrong with baptism invitations, there are some popular trends that will give your baby’s baptism some flair.

What to Include in the Baptism Invitation

Baptism invitations are sent to celebrate giving your child to God and officially introduce your baby to his church family. The opening of the invitation often includes a Bible verse or baptism sentiment followed by a description of the event. Then the date, time and baptism location is usually listed.

If you are having a gathering after the baptism, whether it’s in your home or at a restaurant, this should be noted on the invitation, as well as whether it immediately follows the ceremony or will take place later in the day. Typically, you only include RSVP information if you are having a separate celebration after the baptism.

If you are inviting out of town guests, it is helpful to include the full address of the ceremony location. With the prevalence of searching for directions on the internet, the new trend here will be to include the zip code.

Who to Invite to the Baptism

It is customary to invite family, close friends, and church members especially close to your family to the baptism. The baptism invitations are typically mailed three weeks prior to the ceremony unless a formal reply is required. If this is the case, you should mail the invitations four to five weeks ahead, giving guests at least a week to respond, especially if the baptism will take place near a holiday such as Easter or Christmas.

Baptism Invitation Trends

One of the biggest trends in baptism invitations is the photo invitation. This will most likely continue beyond 2012 as technology continues to improve. Photo invitations are popular for several reasons, but mainly because they showcase your precious baby. Part of the photo trend includes a black and white baby photo against a white and blue or white and pink background; a color photo where the baby is dressed in white to signify the event; or a color photo where the baby is dressed in soft pink or blue to match the invitation colors.

There are also trends emerging for non-photo invitations, some of which feature images of a golden cross, the outline of an angel in either pink or blue, a stained glass window with a cross in the center and an open Bible in front, a Bible resting against a cross, or simply an open Bible. Any of these images can be adapted to suit a baby girl or boy, although color schemes aren’t limited to light pink or blue. Trendy color schemes for boys are hunter green and chocolate brown, as well as navy blue and gold. Trendy color schemes for girls include red, white and gold, and rose and chocolate brown.

A trendy format for baptism invitations is to layer vellum over colored cardstock. The invitation is printed on vellum paper and attached to a darker colored sheet of cardstock with a satin ribbon that echoes the cardstock color.

However you choose to invite guests to your baby’s baptism, using one of these trendy ideas will prevent you from sending an invitation using a stale design.

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