The Significance of Baptism Invitations

Baptism is extremely important in Christianity, and when performed with an infant, is that baby’s first direct exposure to religion. To commemorate this milestone, parents often invite family and friends to a baptism celebration following the ceremony.

Infant vs. Adult Baptism

Infant baptism is still practiced by several denominations, namely Catholics, Lutherans and Anglicans. Often, even if baptized as an infant, a teenager or an adult who has come to faith on their own by accepting Christ will honor their new commitment through baptism. Subsequently, several denominations do not condone infant baptism because they believe that the baby cannot truly accept Christ at such a young age.

What is Baptism?

Baptism is one of two sacraments performed in Christianity. Through the use of water to symbolize rebirth in Christ, the spiritual life begins. During infant baptism, the baby’s name is used to present the baby to Christ and His Church. The parents and godparents promise to raise the baby in a Christian home supported by worship, prayer and faith.

Some denominations, instead of baptizing the baby, will simply hold a dedication ceremony to present the baby to the church and ask God to watch over and bless the baby. The parents here are also asked to pledge to raise their child in a Christian home according to the Bible’s teaching.

Planning a Baptism Party

Whether you are celebrating your baby’s baptism or an older family member’s, having a party will enable family and friends to partake in the occasion. It is imperative to send out baptism-related invitations. Formal baptism invitations give respect to this highly important event, and it also ensures that your family and friends can attend. If you wait to informally ask people back to your house or to meet you at a restaurant following the service, it is likely that many will not be able to attend due to short notice. Even if you try and spread the word ahead of time or send an email, people are likely to forget because no formal invitation was sent.

Baptism invitations might incorporate pastel colors, such as pale blue, pink or yellow, as they are serene and particularly relevant when used for a baby. The invitations could also feature a soft blue sky and a glowing cross in the center to let guests know right away that it is a baptism invitation. You could also put together a photo invitation similar to the baby’s birth announcement, asking guests to attend your baby’s baptism celebration.

Baptism invitations, especially those for older people, could also feature images of guardian angels, an artist’s rendition of heaven, or a cross to signify the event. Baptisms, while important for the baby, are especially exciting if the person being baptized is old enough to choose it. In this case, you could incorporate then and now pictures, especially if the person was baptized as an infant. The invitation would serve as a spiritual timeline and a fulfilled prophecy, so to speak.

However you invite guests to this memorable occasion, remember that the purpose is to welcome that child or adult into the Christian family. Sending unique, meaningful baptism invitations will show your friends and family just how special that day is in your child’s spiritual life.

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