Spray Your Wedding Invitations with Glitter

Soon-to-be-married couples are always looking for a way to jazz up their wedding invitations. If they’re on a tight budget, then their challenge can seem even more overwhelming. However, one way to give your invitations a special, sparkling touch is by using glitter spray.

When you use the glitter spray on your invitations, the paper looks as if it’s covered in thousands of tiny diamonds or other jewels which cause it to shimmer and sparkle. It’s a lovely look for many wedding invitations, plus the look is easy and affordable to achieve.

When to Add Glitter to Your Invitations

First, let’s talk about which wedding invitations might be enhanced by glitter spray. If you already have busy invitations with numerous images and embellishments, you really don’t need this extra touch. You don’t want to overdo these extra touches. Informal or casual weddings won’t really match the feel of glitter sprayed wedding invitations either. The best choice for using glittery spray would be evening or winter wedding invitations because the sparkle-look adds a bit of elegance.

To achieve the look, you’ll need to purchase glitter spray. A number of companies manufacture the product, including Krylon which is most known for its spray paint. This particular company offers five colors of glitter spray, including gold, silver, red, green, and one mysteriously called “Magical.” Other colors may be available from different companies, but the most common color choices should be gold or silver. Which of the two you use depends on the color of your invitations and the color of the rest of your wedding.

Buying Glitter Spray for Your Invitations

Generally, glittery spray is readily available at craft stores, particularly in the scrapbooking section or with the other spray paints. With Krylon’s product, you’ll be able to purchase the spray in four ounce cans for $3 to $4 per can. While that may sound like a high price, you should be able to cover a large number of your invitations with each can. Of course, that varies depending on how large your invitations are and how thickly you spray the product on.

Your best bet is to buy a single can, then use it on your invitations to determine how many more cans you need to buy in order to complete the rest. Make sure you have ordered plenty of extra invitations, too, because it may take you several practice tries to get the look that you want on your wedding invitations.

Using the Glitter Spray on Your Invitations

When you use the product, make sure that you cover your work area thoroughly with newspapers or other disposable paper. You should also wear a mask or work in a well-ventilated area. These are common precautions you would take with any type of aerosol product. When you use the glittery spray, hold the can about 12 to 18 inches above the invitation. If you decide to do more than one coat, turn the invitation 90 degrees before starting to spray again so you’ll have a more even, textured look.

After you’ve applied the product to your invitations, they need to lie flat with nothing on top of them until they dry completely. Don’t rush the drying process. You can end up messing up your invitations if you try to move or stack them while the glittery spray is still damp. Drying times vary depending on the weather conditions where you live and how many coats you use of the spray, but wait at least an hour before checking them.

When they are finished and ready to mail, you’ll be thrilled with how extra special the glitter spray makes your wedding invitations look.

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