Choosing a Bridal Shower Dessert Besides Cake

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There are various reasons why you might consider choosing a bridal shower dessert other than cake, including diet restrictions of the bride or simple preference for a non-traditional bridal shower dessert. Whatever your reason, you’ll soon find several delicious dessert options that will make this bridal shower memorable.

How to Choose an Alternative Bridal Shower Dessert

If you have a modern bride who eschews all things traditional, including having a cake for dessert at her bridal shower, or have a bride who doesn’t like cake, then embrace the challenge to choose a non-traditional bridal shower dessert.

First, evaluate the chosen theme, even if it’s a general bridal theme rather than a specific one, such as lingerie or kitchen themes. Is there a type of dessert that springs to mind when evaluating the bridal shower theme? Perhaps a romance theme might inspire thoughts of heart-shaped chocolate cookies decorated with red icing and featuring the bride’s monogram.

You might also examine the decorating scheme and determine whether the color scheme associated with the bridal shower might not be echoed in the dessert choice. For example, a garden party bridal shower might evoke thoughts of a fresh fruit tart or layered parfaits of fresh fruit and crème fraiche.

Communicating with the bride regarding her taste will help narrow down your choices, but if she isn’t choosy and doesn’t have food allergies, let your imagination run wild and choose a delightful bridal shower dessert that both complements the theme and your creativity.

Bridal Shower Dessert Ideas

If you’re hosting a formal bridal shower tea for a chocoholic bride who doesn’t want the traditional bridal shower cake present, consider renting a chocolate fountain and setting out various dipping treats ranging from a few fresh fruit selections, like bananas and strawberries, to baked goods like cheesecake slices and angel food cake.

For a casual bridal shower, consider giving guests the opportunity to create the ultimate bridal sundae, as well as one for themselves.

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Find out the bride’s favorite ice cream flavor and also have enough vanilla to go around. Set up a variety of toppings from sprinkles and hot fudge to caramel and sophisticated biscotti and let the guests collaborate to make the bride’s dessert. This is a fun way to get guests to interact with each other, and everyone will enjoy concocting a delicious sundae.

Items such as chocolate and vanilla mousse garnished with fresh berries are ideal because they can be prepared ahead of time in individual dishes, making it easy to serve. A fresh fruit pie or cobbler is also a pleasant cake alternative and tastes even better with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Don’t overlook a range of cookies shaped to mimic whatever bridal shower theme is chosen, from kitchen utensils to lingerie, cookies are versatile and delicious. They can also accompany pudding, sorbet or ice cream and will liven up any bridal shower.

Use your imagination and choose a single dessert or combine a couple of options to enhance the bridal shower theme, and delight guests with the unexpected yet delicious alternative to bridal shower cake.

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