Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Sunday is a great time to give a party. I love giving a Super Bowl party every year for two reasons:

  • I don’t have to plan entertainment
  • It’s a casual affair with simple food and drink

If you’ve never hosted a Super Bowl party, here are a few “musts” for your party planning.

A good TV with plenty of seating for your guests

This party is all about watching the game, so be sure you’re prepared with enough seating to accommodate everyone. If seating is a problem, consider separating guests by the team for whom they’re rooting; put all fans of one team in your den and fans of the opposing team in your living room, for example. It makes for camaraderie and solves the seating dilemma. Serve the food in the dining room and kitchen during halftime, so that everyone has a chance to mingle.

Casual food

– If you’re planning to serve dinner, chili is a great choice. I actually ask a few guests to bring a crock pot of their homemade chili. Since everyone tends to make chili a little differently, sampling different varieties is always fun. Pizza, chicken wings and other finger foods are other popular menu items for a Super Bowl party, as people tend to eat in front of the television. Another great menu idea is to serve food from the cities of the participating football teams. Are the Chicago Bears in the Super Bowl this year? Then, how about hot dogs and Chicago style pizza? Are the Cowboys playing? Then I might serve ribs and baked beans. You get the picture.

You might also consider serving food that is served at a typical football game. This menu would also include hot dogs, but might also include pretzels, popcorn and nachos.


A Super Bowl party is very often a big drinking event. I usually serve beer and wine and I actually ask a few guests to bring some beer (I ask the ones who aren’t making chili for me). During the fourth quarter I try to cut off alcohol consumption and serve dessert and coffee to avoid any of my guests being unable to drive home.

Some games to keep the rivalry going

A Super Bowl party is no fun unless you have a mix of team preferences among your guest list. The fighting is part of the fun. We might have little contests to predict which team will score the first touchdown, which player will win MVP, etc. And, of course, I always have a little favor for every fan of the winning team.

Something for the people who aren’t interested in football

If you’re inviting couples to your party, you’re likely to have a few guests who aren’t interested in watching the game. One year I had a little tea party in my dining room for the ladies. They just gossiped and ate “girly food” while the guys watched the game and drank beer in the den. It was great fun for everyone!

We throw a Super Bowl party every year and we love it. It seems that most other parties that we hold are more formal and, of course, our other parties are not sports centered! So, some people look forward to this party more than any other of the year. And after hosting it for five years in a row now, I admit that I, too, look forward to it every year!

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