Valentine Party Decorations

Nothing speaks more clearly to the heart than a well-planned Valentine’s Day celebration. Through the use of candles, rose petals, and soft music, an element of romance can be created in any house or apartment. Why not throw a special party for two and surprise your significant other with your thoughtfulness and a huge box of chocolate? Start with a romance Valentine’s Day invitation, and with a little preparation in advance, you can add details to your party that will certainly light your lover’s fire.

Creating the Mood for Love

Here are some romantic ideas that will make this celebration stand out in your mind for years to come:

• Chocolate Kisses. For a cute play on words, ask your sweetheart if they would like a kiss. Tell them to close their eyes and pucker up. Instead of planting one on their lips, put a Hershey’s Kiss in their hand.

• Rose petals. Choose any color and scatter them around the room. You can use them on tabletops in a holder with a floating candle or even as a garnish on your dinner plate.

• A Candlelight Dinner. Try your hand at making your own Lady and the Tramp style spaghetti and meatballs. Light the candles before service your meal complete with garlic bread and red wine. Keep some dinner mints on hand if you plan on getting up close and personal. You don’t want to embarrass yourself by having bad breath!

• Red Scarves. Drape one across a lampshade for instant mood lighting. This especially works well with ultra sheer fabric. The brighter the bulb, the brighter the color.

• Passion Fruit and Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Slice up pieces of fruit, put them on wooden skewers, and rent or buy a chocolate fountain. Watch in amazement as the rich, dark sweet cascades in waves over the fruit. Marshmallows are also great for dipping.

• Personalized Conversation Hearts. These old-fashioned favorites can get your honey to really open up. Strike up a conversation based on the message printed on one of the sweet tasting hearts.

• Tickets to a Fun Event Slipped inside a Valentine’s Day Card. A gift like this proves just how far you’re willing to go to make your significant other happy. Whether it’s ballet or a ball game, these tickets show that you care.

• Homemade Fortune Cookies with a Personalized Message Inside. Do you have a passion for the culinary arts? Do you want to make a great impression on your loved one? Why not whip up a bunch of homemade fortune cookies? Type fortune style messages on your computer and then print them. Slip one into each cookie before they are baked completely. Take them out of the oven and let them cool before serving. They can be dipped in milk, dark, or white chocolate and sprinkled with heart shaped candies or red colored sugar for an extra special touch.

It’s all in the details, so use your imagination to make Valentine’s Day extra special this year. Use the ideas listed here to spark your creativity. You never know what love has in store for the two of you!

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