Popular Wedding Stationery Design

Planning your wedding inevitably means you must choose and send appropriate wedding invitations. Incorporate these planning tips to help you choose your perfect wedding invitation – and ensure that it arrives to your guests on time.

Choosing Wedding Invitations

You will soon find out that choosing wedding invitations isn’t a simple process. If you already have a color scheme in mind, this will help narrow down your search to incorporate your colors. If you have a signature flower, keep this in mind, as you may see wedding invitations with an embossed rose, for example, and decide those are perfect.

If the only information you have is that your wedding will be formal, or it will be casual with a tropical theme, then make sure the wedding invitations echo that tone. For example, for a formal wedding, you might choose wedding invitations printed on linen or parchment paper for an elegant feel. If you want to modernize your formal wedding invitations, choose a bold ink color like dark purple or blue. If you’ll have a breezy, tropical wedding, then your wedding invitations might be the color of the ocean with a seashell motif, or light blue with coral accents.

Ordering Wedding Invitations

Once you’ve chosen your wedding invitations, whether they are custom wedding invitations or print your own, there are still decision left. For instance, along with wedding invitations, you will need to order response cards with envelopes and thank you cards. You might also want to order additional enclosures like reception cards, wedding programs, menu cards, place cards, and pew cards.

In general, these additions should coordinate with your wedding invitations in style, material, color scheme, and tone. Ordering these items with your wedding invitations ensures everything reaches you at the same time and has a uniform look.

Addressing Wedding Invitations

Hopefully, it is at least nine or ten weeks prior to your wedding, and you’ve just received your completed wedding invitations and stationery. You have checked everything over to make sure the wedding invitation information was printed correctly and names are spelled correctly. Since the goal is to have the wedding invitations in the mail six to eight weeks prior to your wedding, give yourself a two week cushion to ease the pressure.

It is customary to hand address each wedding invitation, instead of using computer-generated labels. Weddings are intimate, personal affairs that warrant equally personal wedding invitations. It is acceptable, however, to hire a calligrapher to hand address your wedding invitations, particularly for a formal or semi-formal wedding. This ensures a beautiful yet legible finish, but retains the personal touch. If you have difficulty writing legibly but are having a casual wedding, you could still hire a calligrapher, but ask her to write in a less formal style.

With a little planning and some extra decision time, as well as making sure you order your wedding invitation package well in advance of the big day, you will have your wedding invitations in the mail on time – and will beautifully walk down the aisle to a full house.

Popular Wedding Invitation Designs

Gate-fold InviteWedding invitations are available to suit every whim and desire of the happy couple. The sheer number of wedding invitation choices, however, can be overwhelming and actually make the decision more difficult. Following is an analysis of today’s most popular wedding invitation choices.

Popular Wedding Invitation Designs

For a timeless wedding invitation, you could select a single panel with the wedding invitation information printed on the front. These wedding invitations are simple, elegant, and can be accented with a sheer overlay and a satin bow.

If religion plays a large role in your life, you might want to choose wedding invitations that reflect your beliefs. For example, the wedding invitations might feature a cross or an open Bible to denote a Christian ceremony.

For a more contemporary wedding invitation, your choices are almost limitless. You could choose a square instead of a rectangle, a tri-fold or greeting card style instead of a single pane, and incorporate any color or pattern you can conjure. You could choose, for example, turquoise wedding invitations with a light turquoise wave pattern on the front for your destination wedding in Hawaii.

Some couples want a romantic wedding invitation to symbolize their upcoming marriage. These wedding invitations might feature two hearts entwined in the background, a border of tiny hearts, or your invitation information contained inside a heart. Another romantic theme is a floral wedding invitation. If roses are your signature flower, you might choose wedding invitations featuring a bouquet of roses or a rose border.

Popular Wedding Invitation Paper and Ink Choices

Most often, wedding invitations are available only on a specific paper, meaning if you select a wedding invitation, you won’t need to worry about paper choice. If you do get a choice, such as cotton, recycled, linen or parchment, keep in mind the type of wedding you’re having. If it’s formal, you should choose linen or parchment, while a more casual affair warrants cotton or recycled paper. Vellum makes an attractive overlay and can be used for formal or casual weddings.

You will almost always have a few ink color options, with black and dark gray ink being the two most traditional and common. For formal weddings, you could consider a metallic ink like silver, copper or gold for a bit of elegant shimmer. Casual wedding invitations could incorporate one of the wedding colors, such as dark red or blue, as long as the color shows up well on the paper.

Popular Wedding Invitation Enclosures

In all but the most rare circumstances – usually an ultra-casual or very intimate wedding – response cards are enclosed with the wedding invitations. Typically you also include a self-addressed stamped envelope to accompany the response cards, making it simple for guests to RSVP. Another common enclosure is accommodation cards for guests traveling to your wedding. These often include hotel suggestions or the name of a hotel you reserved a room block or a have discount with, as well as a local map with important locations highlighted. Some brides also list airline details and local tourist destinations.

Once you decide what style best suits you and your upcoming wedding, choosing the right wedding invitation will not only enhance your wedding, but will serve as a lasting keepsake.

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